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Lateral Bounding

Have you ever noticed how hockey players end up as good golfers? Or how soccer players tend to be good at using their hips? This is because they are used to pushing off their feet in a lateral direction. You can benefit from learning to push laterally through the feet as well.

To do the lateral bounding drill, stand on 1 foot, and then get in your golf spine angle and hip bend. Then, jump to the side, trying to push through the inside edge of your foot. Land on your opposite leg, balance for a second, and then jump back to the other side. Pay attention to how it feels for the foot to press through the ground, then try to recreate that feeling during transition, or in a drill such as the step change of direction.

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This drill is the lateral bounding drill to help work on the pushing through the trail

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leg during transition. Now similar to the trail leg push drill, this drill will help you

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feel what the trail foot or the right leg for right golf, right hand golfers is going

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to do to help create this hip bump. Because if I just kind of bump my hips without having

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any activity of my feet with the ground, it doesn't really build a whole lot of power.

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It does get me in good position so I can probably strike the ball solidly, but it doesn't

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build a lot of power. So the lateral bounding drill is you're going to stand on one foot

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just like so and you're going to push yourself over to the side. Just like so. You can do

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it both sides for a little bit of balance, but you can get this feeling of pushing through

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the inside edge of the foot. Now make sure when you do that you're pushing through the

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entire inside edge of the foot like so as opposed to just pushing up off the toe. If you're

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just pushing up off the toe, it will create a tendency for your hips to drive in towards

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the golf ball. If you're pushing through the inside edge of the foot as you literally

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hop, it will tend to have the hips move a little bit more just laterly without moving

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in towards the golf ball. Moving in towards the golf ball is one of the big killers for

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consistency even though it can produce a lot of power. So try a few of these little

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skater moves or lateral bounding, focusing on pushing through the inside edge of the foot,

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and that'll help you feel how you can use that right leg to initiate the hip bump during

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