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Windmills - Backswing Pivot Training At Home

To work on a centered pivot get in your good golf posture and extend your arms out to the sides. Practice making body turns and feeling your arms stay passive, at the top of the swing, your left hand should point at the ball, at delivery, your left arm should. Make sure the arms are not controlling the movment, and don’t let them turn like a helicopter, the ball is on the ground and your body must account for that fact.

Tags: Standing Up, Backswing, Drill, Beginner

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This drill is called windmills and it's a great drill for visual golfers who want

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needs to kind of imagine how things are going to look before they're able to do

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the movement. So what you're going to do for this is you're going to put your

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arms all the way out to your sides like so. In your golf posture if you were to

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then make the correct movements where it appears that you're keeping your spine

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angle your arms will point roughly at the golf wall. So in my backswing with my

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arms staying out towards my side it's going to point down towards the golf

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ball. I'll even put a golf ball there to make it easier for you to imagine. So I

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get in my normal setup position and then I'm going to make this so that's

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pointing out towards the golf ball and then as I come through it's pointing out

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towards the golf ball. What I want to make sure is that we're not a fairer

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squeal right and we're not a helicopter. We're somewhere in between kind of a

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angled windmill. Okay, this is really good for beginners to practice because

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it'll help you learn how to pivot your body back and forth without losing your

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so-called spining.

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