Path Training With Rope

While similar to the ribbon path training, this rope drill is an excellent way to increase path awareness. The typical setup is a 3'-5' PVC pipe, a 50-ft rope, and a solid anchor point. Once setup, you will want to make some swings and work to create the (3) different release paths (in-to-out, out-to-in, and neutral/straight) while using the rope for feedback. Also, using the rigidity of the PVC pipe, you can train a number of release or pivot drills, such as the "open-trail hand" or "merry go round". Ultimately, we want the resistance and visual feedback from the rope to help us become more aware of our path tendencies and the movements/forces required to change them. 

Playlists: At Home Training, Train Your Release, Understand Your Swing Plane/Path

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Draw vs Fade, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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