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Band Presses - Arm Extension To Follow Through

Use a band, wrapped around your back, to feel the extension of the arms and the narrowing of the elbows during the release. With proper body movements, this helps create the 3D flat spot of the club through impact, which has been shown to aid with consistency and repeatably.

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Tags: Follow Through, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is banned presses.

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Now, I just got back from the World Golf Fitness Summit.

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As you know, I like to stay current, so I try to go to a lot of these things that I can.

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Martin Hall, the School of Golf Instructor, gave a great presentation about how he trains the release.

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And there's some similarities to what I think builds a good release.

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There's some differences, absolutely.

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But more importantly, in the similarities, one of the things that we both focus on

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is letting these arms extend through the shot.

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Now, we know from looking at the physics that you are imparting a pulling force.

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But if you think about it, the only way it could not be imparting a pulling force during this release

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is if the club never changed directions.

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So if the club continues, like if the handle continue to go down,

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the second handle is going to start coming up, I'm going to be imparting a pulling force

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some kind.

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But that doesn't mean that I can't be imparting a pulling force while letting my arms extend.

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And what he's seen is, and similar to what I've seen, that using how much arm extension

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is a great indicator for a handicap level, and usually highly correlated with consistency in my opinion.

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So he also mentioned that Pete Cowen uses this drill that I don't know if he came up with,

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but I'm going to give him credit.

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It was a brilliant little piece.

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So I've always done it with just kind of throwing balls and feeling that arm extension.

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But this allowed adds a little resistance so that I can feel it a little bit better in the muscles of the

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create that extension.

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So I'm just going to take a band and I'm going to put it around my back so that my thumbs

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are through the loops.

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You can use any type of therapy band.

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This is just some physical therapy tubing that I tied to, to a little loops in.

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And basically if I stand here and I was to extend my arms out, I can feel good shoulder kind of

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depression, and I can feel good arm extension just like so.

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Now, this doesn't take care of what the arms and hands are doing as far as rotation goes,

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but if you remember, a lot of that is going to happen because I'm coming from a rotated position like so,

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and I extend and if I extend quickly, that'll cause my arms to rotate.

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So what I can do is I can add little pivot to this so I can make backswing.

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I can go, marry around with my body and then really let those arms and feel that tension through the ball just like so.

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Now, it's a little tricky.

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I was trying this earlier and because of where it connects, if I'm gripping on my thumbs,

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it feels a little bit weird to get this extension.

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But you can actually hit balls this way.

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I recommend it more for just getting a feeling and then trying to apply that feeling with either your nine to three or any of your other release drills,

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but you can actually get a semi-solid straight.

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It feels really weird in the backswing, but through the ball, it actually feels pretty normal.

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So you can use a band to exaggerate the feeling of letting those arms fully extend.

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Through the shot, and then when you take off the band, it's kind of like when you put your arms in the door and you'll feel a little weird,

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but it'll fade and it just gives you a good feeling, muscle activation of what you want those arms to do,

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which is extend through the shot.

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