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How To Release Each Arm - Putting

Trail Wrist Release- place a golf ball between the trail arm and the grip and keep it there as you take putts. Once you have developed a feel using the golf ball, remove the golf ball and simply focus on trying to keep the space between your forearm and the grip the same. This is especially useful for trail arm dominant putter who flip the wrist through impact. If you flip your wrist, you will see the space between your forearm and your grip narrow. Make sure that you are using the trail arm and feeling your pec get involved. That will keep your shoulder moving longer which will prevent the wrist from flipping.

Lead Arm Release - the most important key for this component is the maintain the con- nection. Most golfers, when they first try this move, will let the trail arm disconnect in an attempt to keep the clubface square to the intended path. There is also a tendency to let the lower body rotate on the through stroke. Be sure to keep your connection and your lower body stability. It is common for there to be a sense of a shorter stroke with more rotation. Just make sure that the right and the left arms match up and you can’t really go wrong.

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