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Putter Face And Path Control

These two could arguably be separated, and arguably could be put together. I think that they belong together, since most drill that works on one of these two pieces also works on the other one. Your job is to find a repeatable position and to use your body, arms, and hands to swing the putter in a way in which the putter head follows a natural arc and the face stays relatively square to that movement. Do not get bogged down trying to create a perfectly symetrical stroke. It is more important to learn how the rib cage and shoulders are the engine of the putting motion and the hands help guide that motion to control feel. Below are some of the best drills I have used to help players developed a consistent, athletic, and predictable stroke.

Playlists: Squaring The Club Face Explained, Putting, Understand Your Swing Plane/Path

Tags: Putt, Concept, Beginner

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