Putter Sweet Spot

A lot of putters don’t have a marking to indicate the sweet spot and a lot of putters that have a sweet spot marked off by a bit. The first thing to do when checking a putter is to use a key or a golf tee and strike the face repeatedly.

How to do it:

Hold the putter between two fingers so that it may pivot, or swing, freely. When you strike the free hanging putter with a tee or key the putter face will move backward and or rotate. The point when you hit the putter and it swings straight back without the face rotating is your putters “sweet spot”. You can mark the top of the putter to indicate the new sweet spot or simply take note of it’s relationship to the rest of the putter. Be sure to set up using the new-found true sweet spot of the putter.

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Tags: Putt, Beginner

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