Thick Black Line Roll - Putting

One of my go to moves for assessing the quality of a putting stroke is simply hitting putts with a ball with a line on it. If the line wobbles, something went wrong and speed control will be tough. If you are part of the minority that does not line up the ball when you putt, then this isn’t the best gague because you will have a hard time getting your putter face and the golf ball lined up and square. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to use the other techniques for assessing sweet spot control, like the impact tape or the gate drill. If you do use the line look to see that you get a dark, thick, narrow line that rolls end over end. If the line is blurry or excessively thick, then you know that your put- ter face was not square or you missed the sweetspot. Please review Pillar #2 on start- ing the putt online in particular the lower body stability and the single arm release drills.

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