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Single Arm Releases - Putting

Just like it the full swing, it is very useful to see what the brain thinks each arm should do. Hit putts with each arm at about a 15 foot target. Notice which arm feels smoother and hits the putt better. If you struggle with both hands, proceed to the instructional section on what each arm should do in a proper release. When one arm is rolling the ball well, use that arm as a guide in order to train the stroke of the other hand. Both hands should be trying to move the putter along the same path or else they will fight each other. It is useful to use the switching hands method shown below and in the video. Be sure to check the differences between your skilled and less skilled hand at set up, top of backswing, impact, and follow through.

Playlists: Train Your Release, Putting

Tags: Putt, Release, Drill, Advanced, Intermediate

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