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Once you have a consistent acceleration, then you can learn to control your dis- tance by the distance you take the club back. Below are some great ways for learning how to control the distance of stroke.

Use a landmark to map your swings the way you do with your wedges

There are really only two ways to establish a common distance of stroke - use either distances on the ground or using the body landmarks. The common body land- marks are either referrenced to your feet (big toe, little toe, outside of foot) or to use your hands (inner thigh, outer thigh, outside pocket) or use the clubhead and practice taking the putter back Clubhead widths (4 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches). You need at least 3 different “stock putts” that you can vary from on the course. To calculate a stock putt, find a flat spot on the practice green and hit balls wihtout aiming at a hole. Hit at least three different puts using the same reference point and the same “gravity” or speed of stroke. DON’T LOOK AT WHERE THEY FINISHED between putts. Then if the balls finish all within a foot of each other, pace the distance from where you started. Repeat the process for your other landmarks.

For instance, I use my hands as a reference point. Here are my average distances for my home course:

Inner Thigh = 6 paces

Outer Thigh = 9 paces

Pocket = 12 paces

When you are on the course, you will need to pace each putt as you walk back from your behind the whole read. You do not need to walk right along the line of putt, you can do it off to the the side so that you do not walk on someones line. You will also need to estimate how much to add for uphill and into the grain, and subtract for downhill or with the grain. With a little practice, this will become second nature.

When you get to a course, spend five minutes on the practice green guaging your standard putt distances and compare your “standard” for your home course to the new course. This will give you an idea of your putt distances for this particular day on this particular course.

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