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Enhanced Line On The Ball - Putting

Brad Faxon is the first guy that I remember putting a line on his ball back in the 80’s. Then Tiger did it. Now it seems like everyone is doing it. Accord- ing to Dr. Craig Farnsworth, 91% of tour professionals used an “enhanced line on the ball”. It can be a great aid if you take some time to practice this skill, but good visualiz- ers or guys with bad hips (if you can’t spend a few seconds in a squat position to make sure you get it right - then don’t use a line) can usually get away without it.

tart with a straight 3 footer and aim at the center of the hole, use the STRAIGHT part of the putter shaft and your dominant eye to confirm that the aim is correct. After you have finished, rinse and repeat for about an hour before you take it to the course. After you get good at it, it will not add any time to your pre putt routine.

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