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Three Identical Putts

This is one of my favorite drills for helping students improve their speed control; it's also a great diagnostic for monitoring tempo and awareness from one putt to the next. Plus, it is very simple to squeeze into a practice session. Given all of its positives, I will prescribe this drill to the majority of students who are concerned about their putting.

To begin, all you need to do is hit (3) putts in a row while trying to ensure that each putt travels the same distance. To increase the difficulty, I will have students "call" each putt after impact (whether it be short, long, or within the margin of our intended goal). This will dial up the awareness further and challenge players that have a hard time reconciling their "feels" with the results on the green.

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The speed control of drill is three identical putts.

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So I use this not only as a way to train your speed control, but I often use this as a

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diagnostic for how good is your tempo and your awareness.

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So the instructions on this are really simple.

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We're going to hit three putts without looking at where they end up.

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So when I'm doing this in person, I will have a golfer hit the first putt and I won't let

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them look at it.

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I'll block it and they just have to feel about where it went.

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And then they're going to try to duplicate the exact same distance with the exact same stroke

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a total of three times, so two more times.

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So I usually give them a target of just kind of out in the middle of the green.

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So usually about a 30 footer or so.

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I'm going to back up so you can kind of see a little bit easier roughly how this would

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So if I bring them back here, now I'm going to try and I'm just going to be able to

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feel hopefully how big of a stroke and how hard I hit that.

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And then I'm going to evaluate afterward about how far they went.

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And so the first one was a little bit shorter.

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The second two were pretty good.

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You should be able to get this within about a foot.

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And so the first version I do it more like this were it's more of a surprise.

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The second version would be once you hit the putt you're going to guess in the first

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couple feet is this going to be long, short or good.

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So goods within a foot long would be more than a foot past, short would be more than

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a foot short.

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And so you have to go purely based on feel if the putt is hit harder, hit softer, et cetera.

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So if I did one here and I so that's my baseline.

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And now I'm going to hit this putt and I'm going to say long.

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And if I look up so that would have been good but it's about eight inches past.

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So getting closer to long so little subtlety I was able to pick up but overall not too

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I would recommend doing this on puts from about 30 feet and then another set it like 45

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50 feet.

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If you can control speed at those two locations typically you're going to have a reasonable

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skill set for being able to avoid three putts unless you have really breaky, slow

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big greens that you had a hard time reading or if you have huge greens and you have a lot

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of 60, 70, 80 foot putts.

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So this is one of my favorite games for dialing in your tempo and your speed control.

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I highly recommend I give it to almost all of my students as a way for them to work on

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their touch.

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