Visual Alignment - Putting

Eye Dominance - Check for Same side or Cross side dominance. This can affect alignment sig- nificantly and could potentially be a factor in putter fittings. To check eye dominance, ex- tend your arms and put them together to create a “window” and look through the window at an object at least 20 feet away. Alternate closing one eye than the other. When you close your non-dominant eye, and look with your domi- nant eye the object will stay in the same place in your window. When you close your domi- nant eye and look with the non-dominant eye, the object will move.

Same Side Dominance will tend to be able to align more square to the golf ball and have the neck in a more neutral position because you can track the target line without rotating your head.

Cross side dominance will tend to perform better with the lead foot open to the target and the neck in a more flexed position. Be careful when you flex your neck that you ´┐╝minimally flex your mid back (thoracic spine)

Head position - varying the degree of chin up or down will adjust how the line of the putt will look to you. It is very important to find a head position where the line of putt looks straight when it really is. Otherwise, your brain will constantly try to adjust for missalignment.

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