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Ball And String - Putting

Simply take crotchet needles from the craft store or long screws with eye hooks from the hardware store and tie a string between them (about 15 feet of string works well). Put both ends of the string in the ground with the string taught. Place a golf ball with directly underneath the string. If you use a line, make sure that it is lined up vertically and practice hitting putts using your connection to see that the ball starts on-line. If you have trouble, review the grip fundamentals and the arm releases which support the connected movement of the body.

If you are practicing with a hole, chose a straight put first and simply put one end of the string on the other side of the hole. If you are using a putt with break, be sure to align the string on the line you intend the ball to start on.

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Tags: Putt, Drill, Beginner

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