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Hanging Back? Check The Clubface

Many golfers have confused the differences between a weight shift and pressure shift. Initially, there was thought to be a considerable weight shift during the backswing & downswing. However, with today's golf science, we have learned that there is a large amount of pressure shift during the swing (and very little weight shift). Therefore, we do not necessarily want everything moving linearly towards the target through impact. In some cases, for the best players in the world, their upper body may even be moving away from the target as they come down. 

On the other hand, if you suffer from a "hang-back" in the downswing, you may make things even worse by increasing your pressure shift towards the target. Almost every golfer I have trained with who suffers from this swing flaw also plays with a very open clubface. Thus, a better starting point would be learning how to square the face earlier, which will then allow for a shift towards the target to become feasible. 

Overall, it is important to remember that a small weight shift and a large amount of pressure shift is going to be the most efficient pattern for repeatable power, especially when combined with the proper upper body and arm mechanics. 

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