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Wipe With Aggression

Many golfers struggle with the timing and direction of the arm extension. They extend their arms at the ball instead of down the target line. This "wipe" movement is key for having side bend for the longer clubs, but it's a tricky movement to train. Frequently, a golfer will make really good swings with a short 9-3 swing, but then it will break down when they move on to the full swing. This is frequently a power source issue. Trying to do the wipe with some aggression, or hitting the ball as far as possible in a 9-3 can help uncover and train power source problems for your wipe move.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Enough Distance, Transition, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is wiped with aggression. So oftentimes players getting out of this kind of early

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throw early cast pattern will feel very comfortable doing the wipe on say a very slow or

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a 9 to 3 style swing. So if they're used to throwing the club kind of like this, then what

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will happen is we'll do some slow motion drills and they'll get a good feeling of the arms

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working more across and they'll be able to do a good little wipe move on these 9 to 3 swings

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and then what happens is they go to the full swing and everything kind of starts breaking

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down. So one of the ways that I'll typically challenge it is if you can do it in this 9 to 3

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and then it breaks down in the full swing and see through a transition or a power source issue.

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And frequently when it comes to this white movement it's a power source issue. So what I'll do

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is I'll say okay now we're going to try to do you've done two or three good little wipe

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release 9 to 3s. Now we're going to try and do one as hard as you can. So you have to kind of

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wipe a little bit aggressively. So what I'll usually do is I'll have them get into this position and

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I'll come provide a little resistance so they can feel the arms working more across their body

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kind of towards the target or out towards the target line as opposed to and then I'll put my hands

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right here and they'll feel that arm working straight out towards the golf ball kind of like that.

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So I'll get in this position, get them there and then I'll have them try to do a wipe with a

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little bit more aggression. So get them into that 9 to 3 position and then

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really kind of feel that aggressive movement of the wipe and basically trying to hit this 9 to 3 as hard as I can.

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That gives you a sense of doing this position with a little bit more effort and then it makes it usually a little bit easier

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to then take it back up to the full swing and let that transfer into your full swing. So if you're struggling

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if you can do the white move really well on a short little 9 to 3 or less than full intensity

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but then it breaks down when you get up to the top of the swing, try doing the 9 to 3 with a little bit of

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intensity so we call this wipe with aggression.

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