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Physical Limitations For The Wipe

The wipe is a critical move to a good release. It helps control both the path and the angle of attack and helps makes the flat spot possible. Some golfers are worried that they are not flexible enough or that they can't do the wipe because of having more belly mass. The important thing is the intention of the direction that the arms are going, not necessarily the position of them. See what that means in this clarification video.

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This video we're going to look at limitations and clarifications on the white.

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So the white is a very important movement that I see in just about every good ball striker

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on their 3D pattern that a lot of amateurs don't do.

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Now the question always becomes because I'm quite flexible.

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So when I demonstrate the white it's going to look more exaggerated.

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And if you're looking at video you may not see something that looks as exaggerated.

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So I'm always very careful in these videos to talk about trying to move your elbow towards

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your belly button.

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Now if I had a really restricted right shoulder or if I was a little bit more you know over

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wait and had some mass in the middle and I couldn't really move my elbow across my body.

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The important thing is to have it moving in that direction.

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So people will always give the example of Jim Furik and I'll just show them their 3D.

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During the release it's actually sliding or during the start of the release it's actually

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sliding this way it's not straightening out.

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So whether you get the elbow way behind your body more on the side of your body or towards

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the hip the important thing is as we go into the release that it is working more across and

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towards your sternum as opposed to working straight down.

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But the exception of the wedges where if it works straight down I'll balance that by having

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my upper body a little bit more on top of the golf ball.

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It's very hard to get this good side bend if the arms are working straight out in front

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of your body as opposed to working in more of this wipe direction.

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So what I've discovered the last 3, 4, 5 years is that if I teach someone the wipe first

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so that this is working a little bit more across the body and I'll restrict my range

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of motion.

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So I'm not going as much as I can where I can actually get that elbow past my belly

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button which is unnecessary.

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If I'm working that elbow towards then one of the movements that will help me hit the

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ball a little bit more solidly is actually adding that side bend.

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So it ends up looking kind of like that or adding that Jackson 5 movement.

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If I tend to have more of the spin lunge cast pattern then this white movement feels

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very very awkward at first but it also feels very very different.

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And I always want to stress and the purpose of this video is that if you have shoulder

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restrictions or if you have ribcage restrictions if you have some a belly that gets in

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the way it's not so much that it has to go all the way to your belly button it's just

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that we want it working across your body during that phase there as opposed to working

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straight out towards the golf ball kind of like that.

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So hopefully that helps you clarify and understand how you can apply the wipe.

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If you start trying to apply the wipe and the ball is going way off to the right that's

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a good sign that you're doing the wipe and you just need to work a little bit more on

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the motorcycle or other ways to close the club face instead of using that cast pattern

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or scoop pattern to close the club face.

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