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Wipe And Extend Vs Roll And Bend

There are two dominant trail arm release patterns: either the wipe or internal rotation of the shoulder. In this video, we look at the common characteristics of each pattern, how to identify it, and what it does to the clubface that you would need to correct if you want to shift styles. We also discuss how it relates to controlling the low and wide point of the club.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Release, Concept, Intermediate

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This concept video is wipe and extend or roll and bend.

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So we're going to look at the trail shoulder or the trail arm and we're going to look at how it delivers the club to the ball through the release.

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You have two major combination options that you can take.

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The wipe and extend is basically the arm works across and then it extends straight out in front of you.

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The roll and bend would be more of a shoulder internal rotation, which is very hard to then get full

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extensions, so the arm will tend to bend like this.

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So I have two options.

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I could either go like that.

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I could go like this.

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The way you'll know which one you're using is if you look from the down the line camera angle,

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if I do more of this wipe and extend, you'll pretty much see a straight line or even the elbow staying inside of the line between your hand and your shoulder.

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If you use more of the roll and then bend, you'll tend to see the elbow get outside of that line from the down the line camera angle.

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From the face line camera angle, the wipe and extend, you'll see really good arm extension and the delay of this elbow kind of rotating in.

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If you use a little bit more of that roll and then bend, you'll tend to see the elbow pointing at the camera a little bit sooner.

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If you want to add side bend, you're pretty much limited to only using this wipe and extend.

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If you want to hit well with the longer clubs, if you want to be a specialist with the driver and the three would.

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The better pattern is going to be this wipe and extend.

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It uses a muscle called the seratus to keep everything kind of tight as that arm extends, so that arm will extend more straight out in front of my body,

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which allows me to get my arm the furthest away from me.

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If it starts to rotate this way, my hand is not going to reach as far a distance away from my body,

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so it limits my ability to build the flats by down at the bottom that's useful for the longer clubs.

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You can use this in either 9-3 or to train it, I should say.

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We can either do 9-3 with both hands or we can just do the single arm releases.

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So if we're going to do the single arm releases for this trail arm, the supported wipe where I've got my arm underneath,

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and then extending the arm will create that look of that elbow.

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Sorry, the shoulder elbow wrist being in a straight line in this position, and the only thing that I've got left to then close the club face is going to be some of this forearm rotation,

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different from shoulder rotation.

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The opposite pattern, and I think it's useful to experience both of them,

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because then you'll get a better sense of what your brain is actually trying to do.

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So if I rotate my shoulder like this, you can see that if I also extended and I did the same wrist movement,

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that thing would go way to the left, so what ends up happening is I make this movement,

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and then I tend to scoop and bend the arm to keep the club face pointed in the general direction of the target.

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So I go this way, but then I'm also going to scoop with that wrist.

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And it kind of goes straight, goes a little bit higher, but overall not too bad,

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except for the fact that I finished in this position.

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So if I'm doing the single arm releases and the arm is finishing in this position,

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it's a good indication that I'm doing more of this role of the shoulder to close the face as opposed to the extent or the wipe.

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So then if I shake that off, try to get back to a good pattern where I extend my arm straight out,

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kind of like that, then I get this a similar ball flightward starting straight,

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but it's much more compressed.

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I've got a feeling of the ball jumping off the club face, and you can see that it launches a lot lower.

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That second option, the one where I'm going to wipe and extend, works a lot better when I then take it to the full swing.

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If I roll and then bend, that works pretty well for the wedges.

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In fact, that's great for hitting little finesse shots and half wedges around the green,

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but it's terrible for taking powerful swings with the longer clubs.

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So if you see on video, or if I've mentioned in one of your analysis videos,

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that you tend to have more of this role release, there's a couple of little things that you have to be careful with.

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One, and this is probably one of the biggest ones, is if your grip is too weak, primarily that trail hand,

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if that trail hand is too on top, then what will happen is if I extend and wipe, that's about as close as I can get the club face.

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So if I have any amount of shaft lean, this is still going to hit a ball that's off to the right,

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so I have to use a different method of closing the face, and I'll tend to err on more of that white movement.

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Or sorry, more of that roll of the shoulder movement. That looks like this.

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So if I put my hand more on top like this, and I was too white, that's as much as I can get the club face closed.

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And so my shoulder and my body and my brain will naturally air towards adding a little bit more of that shoulder roll in order to try to close the club face.

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So if you struggle with this, double check your grip, otherwise just put in the reps doing those nine to three and single arm releases,

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where you're trying to get more of this extension of the arm.

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One great checkpoint would be the space between your armpit or your tricep and your rib cage.

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If when you finish that arm is well off your body like so, then you've used more of the roll to close the face.

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If when I get to that finished position, the space between my elbow and my tricep and my rib cage is still really close,

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then it's a good indication that I did this wipe and extend instead of the roll and bend.

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So if you're struggling with your release, hopefully this helps you understand the trail arm and how it relates to the two more dominant release patterns.

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