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Step And Throw The Arms Forward - Proper Driver Tilt

Use this drill to get a general awareness of the proper lower body movement toward the target and the upper body bracing away from the target as your arms extend past the ball.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Enough Distance, Chicken Wing, Cast, Driver, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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It's really step and throw the arms forward.

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So this is a great drill that you can use practicing at home to work on some of the

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bracing concepts, some of the access to the concepts, or the upper body awareness, as it

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relates to the timing and the direction of the arms.

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So I'm actually going to put down the club and I'm going to show you two different versions

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of this.

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One would be more of an iron version and one would be more of a driver version.

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The general drill is pretty simple.

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I'm going to start with my feet together and I'm going to take a step towards the target

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kind of like so.

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And then what I'm going to do is I'm going to throw my arms away from my body.

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So I'm going to use that body momentum or use kind of the stepping as the initiator of the

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sequence and then when I get into that left leg I'm going to throw my arms towards

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the target.

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So it'll look something like this.

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Now the two different versions depend on what you're working on.

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If you're working on more of your wedge swing, your scoring clubs, what'll happen?

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It'll be a little shorter step.

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I'm going to throw more down and my upper body is going to drift slightly forward.

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So it'll go kind of like that.

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We're going to brace up or it'll post up and even let my upper body continue.

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Now if I'm doing this with the intention of more the driver swing or the three-wood swing,

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then what should happen is once I step into this front leg, that's it for my upper body

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going towards the target.

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I'm going to then start my upper body working away from my target even though my arms

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are going to extend towards the target.

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That'll create this interesting look with the leg but it's not something that I'm necessarily

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trying to do.

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What you'll see is that this leg is typically going to slide behind somewhere to the old

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Greg Norman, you know, slide that foot, slide the trail foot towards the lead foot.

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So you'll get that a little bit more reflexively just by trying to have your upper body

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So I'm trying to get some real kind of arm speed but I'm trying to make sure that when

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I'm done, once I've thrown my arms, I fall away from the target.

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That's what'll help create that really good access to between the delivery position and

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the follow-through position.

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If you struggle more with the three-wood, you struggle more with the driver, typically what

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will happen is when you go into your release, your upper body will be more forward and

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it'll continue going forward, which is more what we want to see with the iron.

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So once you have a general feel, once you have a feeling of that arm timing and direction,

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once I get into that left side, then you can take some swings doing the same thing.

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And you'll feel a little bit different relationship with what's going on with the club.

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This is a seven iron, so it'd actually be closer to that one there as opposed to the

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one where I'd really fall back, which would be for the longer club, like again, the

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three-wood or the driver.

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So if you're struggling with the connection between your upper body or your arm extension

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and the access tilt or your body pivot, this is a great little homework drill or body awareness

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drill to feel how those timings relate to each other.

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