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Shaft Resisted Rotation Training

This is a great drill for golfers who need to improve the rotational qualities of their swing. Depending on how we orient the club, we can train resisted/assisted patterns for both the backswing and downswing. This can be helpful for golfers who struggle with making a centered pivot and have a tendency to sway off the ball early in the take-away. On the other side, if you struggle with getting your hips open at impact and/or overdo the linear movement of the "Jackson 5", this can also help you re-calibrate. Overall, we want to use this drill to make sure that our lower body is engaged and that our feet are working effectively with the ground throughout the swing. 

Playlists: Stop Lunging Forward, Stop Moving Off The Ball (Sway)

Tags: Sway, Impact, Backswing, Drill, Intermediate

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