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Bounce Pass Wipe

The wipe movement is the key arm movement for allowing the body to side bend properly. At first, the wipe movement can be tricky for golfers to feel. One common sensation for a lot of golfers is that of a bounce pass from basketball. The bounce pass requires the linear movement toward the target instead of straight at the golf ball. If you are struggling with building a feeling of the wipe, then think outside the box and grab a basketball.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Transition, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is the bounce pass wipe.

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So this is a kind of overall feeling drill to help you get a sense of how your arm should

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extend and where they should extend in the golf swing.

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If you're doing a proper wipe which is necessary to have a good amount of side bend,

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all necessary to build that good flat spot.

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So what we'll do is we'll take a light ball.

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It could be a medicine ball.

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It could be a basketball soccer ball volleyball.

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But we're going to get into this good kind of body impact position.

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And then from here we're going to throw a bounce pass basically in the general direction

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of that bag.

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We're out at about 30 degrees down that target line.

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So in this bounce pass I'm going to bend both elbows and then I'm going to straighten

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both elbows.

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So it'll work something like that.

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So again from here I'm going to have the ball close to myself and then in order to get

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that downre motion I'm going to extend both arms.

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This is somewhat similar to what we're trying to do with a good release.

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So I'm going to get into that same position.

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I'm going to bend both arms which is going to feel a little weird and then I'm going

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to extend in that position.

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So compared to my body it's just slightly left of my body.

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It's not quite straight out in front.

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It's just slightly left but because of that side bend even though my arms are working

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straight out in front of me the club's not going to slam into the ground it's going to

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brush the ground.

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If I was straight up and down and I did a good white movement the club would just slam

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into the ground.

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But if I have this side bend and I do that good white movement the club will just brush

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the ground with this high to low pattern.

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And then once I have this feeling I can try hitting some golf balls getting into that

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same movement pattern where I'm going to get into this impact position.

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I'm going to bend both elbows and then I'm going to extend those arms out in that

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30 degree angle position.

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So if I'm set up to this ball and get into this body position I'm going to bend those

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arms and I'm basically extending my arms down out right about there.

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If I did that with the golf club that would look something like this and now I'm going

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to extend my arms out in that direction not extending my arms right at the ball.

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So there's that good impact position and then I'm going to bend those elbows and extend

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those arms out in front.

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This will help me get the proper feeling of this white movement and it may overcome

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some barriers as to the direction or the timing of where and when my arm should actually

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be extending in a good release.

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