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Help Your Low Point - Wipe With Tall Chest

The wipe is a key shoulder move during the tour release. Without the wipe you'll either have to stand up, flip the club, use a stall roll, or a chicken wing in order to release the club. Learn how to separate the rib cage from the shoulder movement with this drill.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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It's really a wipe with your chest palm.

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So many golfers working on low point control benefit from working on the wipe.

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Now the wipe is essentially a movement of the arms more across your body.

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Well, some golfers when they're trying to work on this movement of the arms across

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their body end up doing it more with the body and not so much with the arms.

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Here's how that will typically look.

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If I have them trying to read the arm across their body, you can see that instinctively

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I'm going to have a little bit of side bend.

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What'll happen is some golfers have too much side bend and basically only move the elbow

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in front because the side bend.

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If I took away my side bend, that elbow is actually still more on the right side of my

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body compared to that being more across my body.

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If I then added that side bend, you can see there's a very different look between those

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So some golfers in order to feel how the wipe moves the bottom of the swing forward need

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to focus more on doing it at the shoulders.

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The way you can do that is by maintaining some of that side bend, feeling like that

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shoulder stays or like the rib cage stays tall in the level.

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And then getting the elbow to work gradually across your chest more like so.

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So they're working gradually across your rib cage in the general direction of the target.

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Kind of like that.

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And then what you can do is focus on doing some of these nine to three or working even

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into three-quarter, while feeling like the body stays tall and you get more of that

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wipe from the arms instead of getting it from that side bend.

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So sometimes getting into too much side bend can be counterproductive for what you're

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trying to do with the wipe.

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The way you'll know is if when you do nine to three and you do a lot of wipe drills,

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if the bottom of the swing is way behind the golf ball like I'm demonstrating there,

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then it's more of this elbow is kind of up against the side of your body.

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If I'm doing those and I'm able to get the bottom of the swing to move forward, then it's

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a good sign that the elbow is working enough across my body where I'm doing enough of

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this wipe.

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One other little thing is that many golfers, if they get it up against their side

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or their rib cage, kind of feel like the movement of the wipe is more aggressive as

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opposed to nice and gradual.

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I'll frequently ask golfers to slow it down and do a gradual or almost like a, I'll

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use Fred Couples tempo style, kind of very smooth.

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If you are moving that elbow across your body, you'll be able to make solid contact regardless

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of how hard you're swinging.

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If it's more on the side of your arm, you'll need a little bit of tension in order

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to square it up.

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That's another sign that you're doing it more with side bend and the elbow on the side

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of your body as opposed to having more of this wipe direction across your body.

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