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Factors of Heel and Toe Contact

Heel and Toe contact can feel clunky or dead. Learning what causes painful misses allows you to learn from each swing and gradually move your swing to a more consistent pattern. 

Heel contact is likely caused by:

  • Thrust
  • Too much side bend
  • Late shaft rotation
  • Early trail arm straightening

Toe contact is likely caused by:

  • Reverse thrust of the thorax
  • Forward lunge
  • Bending the arms on the way through
  • Flip during release

Playlists: Stop Lunging Forward, Fix Your Flip, Fix Your Chicken Wing (Bent Arm @ Impact), Fix Your Shank, Swing Plane Simplified - Working with steeps and shallows

Tags: Poor Contact, Early Extension, Chicken Wing, Impact, Release, Concept, Intermediate, Beginner

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