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The Wipe - Controlling Center of Rotation

Golfers that struggle with iron play and more specifically, low point control, tend to release the club early and from the wrong pivot point. This creates a "bottom" that is directly before or at the ball, which can produce a host of contact issues. On the other hand, great iron players (who are more consistent) tend to release the club around a point that is closer to the left hip. In order to do this, you have to get the club out and in-front of the body with a more efficient release mechanic, such as "the wipe"; if you fail to score with your iron play, you may need to watch this breakdown to understand and train yourself out of an early release pattern.

Playlists: Fix Your Cast, Train Your Release, Fix Your Flip

Tags: Poor Contact, Cast, Iron, Impact, Follow Through, Release, Concept

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This concept video is using the wipe to control the center of rotation.

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So if I bring the coolu hoop in here, many golfers who struggle with low point and as a result

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they're not really crisp iron players.

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The center of their swing tends to be more straight up and down like this.

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And so the bottom there swing is right at the golf ball and the club will be at an angle

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kind of like this kind of like this.

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And you'll see it just pass just like that.

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First you tend to be more consistent iron players tend to swing around a point more in front

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of their left hip.

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So I'm going to now see the club kind of pass like this like that like that.

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And it's swinging around a point more outside here.

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Well at this point here in delivery position it's on the right side of the body.

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So how do I get it over to that left side of the body?

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Basically I'm going to feel if I'm used to kind of getting this shoulder out away from

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me and throwing the arms more down kind of like this.

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You can see that that would create the club passing similar to that first circle that

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I was showing.

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But if I get into this position and then I feel like I was going to bring the club across

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my body this is more what's happening for swiss wise from the shoulders where basically

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I'm almost going to feel like I'm going to take this stick and I'm going to throw it

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in that direction there kind of like that.

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If I take the club and I bring it across my body like this now this gets me into that

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position where the grip is a almost ahead of the golf ball and then when I release my hands

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now the bottom of the swing is easily going to be in front of the golf ball and I'm going

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to struggle with a lot less of the thin fat miscombo.

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So these wipe videos or these wipe drills are designed to get the force going more that

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way kind of pulling across my body instead of pivoting it and kind of coupling down or throwing

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the club kind of more like this.

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So one thing that I'll have people do is a little one, two, three drill where you'll

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bring it in front you're going to I'll usually put the stick kind of in the direction that

00:02:24,000 --> 00:02:28,000
we're going to apply it so I'll bring it here the grip is going to go that way to get the hands

00:02:28,000 --> 00:02:35,000
in front and then I'm going to let it extend down in order to make solid contact with the golf

00:02:35,000 --> 00:02:36,000

00:02:36,000 --> 00:02:42,000
If you do that if you get the arms more in front like this then the only ways that you could then

00:02:42,000 --> 00:02:47,000
hit it fat would be if you were coming outside in or if the upper body was lunging.

00:02:47,000 --> 00:02:52,000
If I get this in front but the upper body stays back it's going to be very difficult even

00:02:52,000 --> 00:02:58,000
if I have a flip if I flip at that time I'm still going to make relatively solid contact.

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So if you're struggling with your low point and your posture is pretty good your sequence

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is not too bad but it still has this look of the club just swinging around a point just above

00:03:09,000 --> 00:03:15,000
the golf ball start imagining the point out here kind of more in line with that left hip

00:03:15,000 --> 00:03:21,000
and think about the button to the club swinging around that in order to get it there before I release

00:03:21,000 --> 00:03:26,000
it I'm going to have to feel like I do this weight movement or pull the club a little bit more

00:03:26,000 --> 00:03:32,000
across my body so that when I release it it's swinging around a point in space right around here

00:03:33,000 --> 00:03:38,000
not right here over the golf ball.

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