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Trail Wrist Unhinging

I am a big fan of using the "unhinge" as one of the key shallowers in the golf swing. Unfortunately, a lot of golfers will retain the angle of the lead wrist for far too long into the downswing; this can cause a whole host of issues related to consistency, low-point control, etc.

Usually, I will focus on the lead wrist when discussing this concept, but focusing on the trail wrist can be just as helpful. In terms of mechanics, you will want to use the same timing as before and work on combining the unhinge with a bit of the "motorcycle" and "wipe". If you want to take it a step-further, the unhinging of the trail wrist will need to come from supination; this will allow you to keep the extension of the wrist and still shallow the club.

Ultimately, combining these mechanics with your lead wrist work, will create a more cohesive feel and hopefully, more of a "tour" release when it comes time to make some full swings. 

Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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Strel is the trail wrist unhingy. So as most of you on the site know I'm a big fan of

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using the unhing as a key shallower because a lot of golfers retain that angle of

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the lead wrist for way too long. So instead of putting the leg in early and then

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getting it out down before impact they kind of wait a little bit and then they

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try to put it in too late and that can cause a whole host of problems. Now I'm

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going to do two different kind of explanations of this video. The first one is

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basically you're going to try and feel like that trail arm unhinges right around

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the same time. And what you'll notice is that when the trail arm unhinges it

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works more vertically kind of like this which will bring the club down into a

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shallow position as long as I have a little bit of rotation in the in the

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wrist as I'm doing it it's going to allow me to come from a nice shallow

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position. So the trail wrist is going to feel that it's going to unhing and at the

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same time I'm bringing this arm in shoulder across. So I'm getting more of the

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vertical movement down from the wrist while the elbow is working across with

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my body's rotation. What some golfers will tend to do is when they go to unhinges

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they won't bring the elbow behind or sorry in front. So they'll leave it more

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behind and they'll have a look like this and they'll tend to hit more fat shots

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because they're getting a little bit too shallow coming into the golf ball. So

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the simple version is you're going to bring it back here and as you do a little

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bit of the wipe you're going to bring the club down kind of simultaneously

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towards the ground just like that and even if you lose a little bit of

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contact you should be relatively close and have reasonable low point

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control. Now that that's the simple version is you're just going to feel like

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you unhinged. Now the more detailed version is it's not actually going to be an

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unhing on this wrist because the hands are on slightly different orientations and

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because you're trying to maintain this extension of the trail wrist then by

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maintaining the extension of that trail wrist when you go to unhinges you'll

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find that there's not a whole lot you can do. In fact if you grab all if you get

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in the palm facing away position and then you grab onto your form so that you

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don't let it rotate. So I'm holding on to it really tight and preventing it

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from rotating in this way so I'm actually pulling it in that direction. If

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now I try to keep the extension as my priority you'll see there I very little

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amount of unhinged. The only way that I'm going to get this feeling of unhinged

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is if I actually rotate the forearm up or supinate kind of like that. So the

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real action is as I bring this across I'm increasing that extension so to get it

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down I'm also supinating or bringing that thumb down towards the ground. It's

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not truly an unhinged the way it is with the lead wrist it's more of this

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supination of that trail wrist. So I get back in this position it's going to

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rotate more palm up but I'm increasing the extension which is going to help

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point the club face more down at the golf wall. That combination with the

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elbow working more in front gives me nice ground contact and shaft lean and gets me into

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that good arm you know shaft lean position trail arm facing down all those good

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trail arm mechanics. So if you're struggling with a little bit more of a

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scoop style early release style release then perhaps it's because you're

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maintaining too much extension here and going into pronation too soon with that

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trail wrist and so if you get this feeling of the unhinged of the lead wrist

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matching the supination of the trail wrist that will help shallow out the club

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from this down the line during this zone and put you in perfect position to

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continue rotating and extend those arms in front of the target if you're back

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here and then you extend your arms there's a good chance you're going to have

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low point control issues and really get some fat and thin shots. So hopefully this

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helps clarify what's going on with this trail arm in order to get from somewhere

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around this belly button height down to impact the big shallow move is

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happening more from supination not from ulnar deviation like we're doing with the

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lead wrist but you'll feel that this supination and ulnar deviation which I'm

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doing in tandem right there feels very complimentary and it'll feel like you're

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unhinging both but no if you ever see it on 3D it's not actually going to be

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the case. So there's the supination of the lead wrist wall maintaining that

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extension that's the palm down butt shallow feel apply that with a little bit of

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I have the greatest low point control but pretty good looking shot.

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I'll try one more time without sliding.

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Alright so there's a little demo trying to get that

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bun hinge right now I'm focusing it more on the trail wrist than I am from the lead

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combine that with a nice pivot.

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