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Lead Arm Throw Away - Ulnar Release Training

Lead arm throw away is an isolated look at the movement of the lead wrist. Instead of breaking the movement down into a series of moves, lead arm throw away is a good way to simply feel the movements happening in one fluid chunk. 

Playlists: Train Your Release, Unhinge in the release, Fix Your Chicken Wing (Bent Arm @ Impact), Fix Your Hook

Tags: Poor Contact, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This release drill is lead thumb throw away. So in the single arm releases I talk about

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feeling like that arm or the thumb kind of points away from you a little bit. This is

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just a good combo drill where you can focus on that. It's similar to the finger release

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that we do with the trailhand but this is focusing a little bit more on the lead hand.

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So I'm primarily going to do nine to three since this is a release concept and I'm

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going to focus on this feeling of I'm going to pretend your 30 degrees to my target line.

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Right? So I'm kind of aiming that way. I'm going to feel like my left thumb is pointing

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more or less out of the camera. Now if the camera was the target line that would mean I'm

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going to basically be pointing that out towards the bag kind of in that direction there.

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As opposed to golfers who tend to come over the top and then it would be pointing more

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high and more in this position. So it's going to point down and out kind of like so.

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Again, you can do this as nine to three drills just kind of feeling the club may

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contact with the ground ultimately put the ball there and let the ball get in the way.

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And then because these are nine to three and release style drills they should be

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short enough swings that you can check your follow through position. If with all the nine to

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three degrees if you have a hard time stopping here it usually means that what's happening

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is I'm bending my arms and my wrist and that's causing the club to get way up high

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as opposed to getting really good extension where the momentum is going more out and I'm able

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to stop it by the time I don't have to actually stop it. I'm able to control it by the time

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the club gets to about waist height. So it ends up looking kind of something like that

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and then I can take that feeling and move that on to full swings either again stopping

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at the nine to three or just going through that movement as I take my real stock full swing.

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