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Hands High Through Impact

When a player comes over the top, they will tend to have their hands very low through impact, when a player comes too much from the inside, they will be very high. So, if you come from the outside, then you need to feel your hands getting higher through impact.

Tags: Early Extension, Cast, Impact, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is hands-high through impact and this is the help you overcome the cast or the upper body dominant swing pattern.

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So if you remember from the early extension swing pattern, early extenders,

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we tend to go too much with their lower body.

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They tend to get the hands very, very high because they swing very much from the inside.

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Well if you are a cast or upper body dominant swinger,

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you will tend to have your hands very low through the hitting area because the club is coming from the outside.

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So we are going to try to kind of balance the two.

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You are going to try and do the nine to three drill,

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where you are going to try to get your hands almost on top of the golf ball or as high as you can.

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So the movement is going to be going this way.

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Now I am exaggerating as much as I can for the purpose of this drill.

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But that will help keep your path from going too much to the left and help you get used to the hands,

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feeling like they extend more down the target line as opposed to going left.

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It is not actually what is going to happen, but compared to what you are used to, that is what it is going to feel like.

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Because what you are used to is the club getting outside here and then the club is working,

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the hands working very much across the line through impact.

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You can see that they also end up also cupping my wrist.

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If you get outside, but then focus on holding the hands like so, it will feel like the club is continuing down the target line.

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But it is really arcing in on a more gentle rate instead of a more severe rate.

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What you can then do is you can work on keeping that back to the target as your hands come up.

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And that will help work on this nine to three drill on the proper path, even a little bit more effectively.

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Work on getting your hands high, the technical name for the movement is only deviation.

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And you are going to work on trying to get a little bit more of this hands high as you come through impact.

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