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L to I - Three Quarter Swing Release Training

"L to L" swings can over emphasize the wrist hinge in the follow through (radial deviation) an important component of a good swing is unhinging through the release and targeting a late rehinging. I find it much better for proper wrist mechanics to work on the follow through position as opposed to the "L" position. Especially when it comes to the longer clubs like the driver.

Playlists: Train Your Release, Unhinge in the release, Fix Your Flip, Beginner Program, Fix Your Chicken Wing (Bent Arm @ Impact)

Tags: Poor Contact, Iron, Follow Through, Drill, Beginner

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Strill is L to I. So I had a question about the famous L to L swing. So a lot of

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kind of instructors will start you with this kind of L to L look. And you'll notice

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that I don't have one of these on the site. I'm not a huge fan of it because I think

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it emphasizes the rehing on the on the follow-through. And I tend to see on 3D that a

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lot of amateur golfers start rehinging well before torporos, especially with the

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driver or the longer clubs like the three would. So for the purpose of working past the

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release, so let's say we've done some 9 to 3 training and we've gotten good at going

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here. I like doing L to I or what I call chest height to waist height. So basically

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making a little bit more of a 3-quarter swing but still finishing in that good 9 to 3 finish.

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That arm extension wrist unhinging and staying wide on the follow-through I think is much

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more important than trying to emphasize this rehing on the follow-through. So when you're

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working on contacting you want to start bridging from your release drills a little

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bit closer to full swing. I'm fine with making a little bit longer back swing so getting

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that good kind of L look and feel. But on the way through I want to be able to still get

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that focus on that really good arm extension. You'll see that if you tend to kind of

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chicken wing or rehing you won't be able to stop in that follow-through position. So we'll

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call it kind of an eye because it's everything in a straight line like so. You won't be

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able to finish in that good straight line finish if you're rehing and kind of focusing

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on pulling in with the arms as opposed to letting you go out with the club. So we'll demonstrate

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L kind of like this and then wide in that follow-through.

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