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Unhinge To Solve The Flip Roll

The flip roll is caused by a couple different complimentary movements.

  1. The thorax stays bent over too long through impact.
  2. The wrists rehinge quickly in order to help square the face
  3. The trail shoulder goes into internal rotation to help square the face.

Anything that helps improve one of those three should help the flip roll release. In my experience, the one that is the easiest to start building with is the unhinge to solve the quick rehinging of the wrists. The unhinge opens the face and allows for added supination or motorcycle without fear of big hooks.

Tags: Poor Contact, Follow Through, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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Stirl is unhinged to solve your flip roll. So if you are tending to look more like this

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at impact and you've been told that you flip the club over or you roll those forms too much,

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I've got news for you. Yes, that might be happening, you may feel it, but that's not what's causing

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that look. The thing that's causing that look is going to be this lack of unhinged. So basically what's

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happening is down through impact, already if we set up here, I get to a place right along like this,

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and then as I will unhing but then very close to when I reach impact, I will start re-hinging

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very quickly. So basically I'm unhinging and then re-hinging quickly. And that re-hinging through impact

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like so, tends to close the club base or make it more point to the left. The problem is it's usually

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accompanied by this trail shoulder working more into internal rotation and so it tends to get

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create this very narrow look in the follow-through like this and people will be told what I flip

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the club. Well, if I unhinged, then it would kind of look more like that and now if I kept my

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body rotating, it no longer looks like that flip roll. So the piece of the release that I found is the

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easiest to change that look on video, ultimately shallow out the contact and help eliminate the big

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left shot would be making sure that the club stays unhinged longer into the follow-through.

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If you do that, what will tend to happen is you will hit shots way off to the right until you learn

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how to let the forums rotate to help rotate the face to the shaft as a method of closing the face

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instead of using more of changing the whole path to close the face. So from the downline, it won't

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look quite as dramatic but what you'll tend to see is that through the ball you can see the re-hinged

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there as opposed to what we would want to see would it be a little bit more of that unhinged

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all the way through until the end of the release. The other piece that you can look at is the

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orientation of my upper body. If my upper body is staying pointed straight down at the ground,

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then my hands are going to have to pass my body much quicker than if I have continued rotation

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inside bend, it will be much easier for my hands to elevate or move up the plane without having

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to break down the risk. So that will tend to give the look on video of a little bit more extension

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where if I stay flexed forward to get to that same point, you'll see that the way to the

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club will naturally cause my arms to want to re-hinge. So if you have the look of more of this narrow

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flip, what I would say is that it's usually this lack of unhinged late and lack of that body

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proper pivot through the ball that's actually causing the look not so much that you're rolling the

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forums. In fact, in the most cases you actually have to feel like you roll the forums more to get from

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that position to that position.

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