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Flip The Handle - Finesse Wedge

Many players who struggle with contact around the green and during the finesse wedge stroke, often drive the handle of the club too far forward and/or down; this ends up creating an excessive amount of lag that can only be mitigated through last second compensations.

For players who are more keen to feeling/applying forces to the handle of the club (as opposed to the clubhead), this is one of my favorite drills for remedying this pattern. Ultimately, with practice, players should learn how to properly "cast & coast" during their finesse wedge shots.

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Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Pitch, Chip, Release, Drill, Beginner

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This FNSWad drill is flipped the handle.

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So we're going to talk about the older deviation and kind of the casting part of the

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FNSWad swing.

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So many golfers who struggle with ground contact on their FNSWadges do so because they

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are driving the handle down into the ground.

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And if I push this handle down, it's going to have a tendency to actually bring that club

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up and create a whole lot of leading edge and leg.

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So we always talk about trying to feel like the club head drops down.

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But if you are one of those golfers who tends to feel more the handle, then if you try

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to drop the club head down, it actually sometimes is counter productive and you end up

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driving the whole club down not just the club head.

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So I've used this image for a lot of golfers who tend to create this look here and what we're

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going to do is we're going to toss the grip up.

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So I'm going to imagine that the club is up against something just like this and I'm going

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to throw the grip up that way.

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So and I'll do it hopefully with just my risk kind of throwing it up just like that.

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So now I'm going to try to do the same thing but kind of keep a loose hold on the grip

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just like that.

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So I'm lifting the club up like there.

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Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to bring it back and I'm going to feel like I

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do that same motion.

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So sometimes I'll actually have them mess around with barely holding onto the club and just

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feeling that they tip the club that way and feel that what that does is that movement there

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throws the club head down to the ground.

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Instead of them trying to get the club head to go down to the ground by pushing the club

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head down kind of like that.

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So for some golfers this has been a bit of a game changer feeling that they take it

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back and then as soon as they start down they throw it this way.

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Now you do have to monitor sometimes you'll want to swing a little bit outside in when

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you do that the first couple times so put maybe an alignment stick down just so you can

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feel that you're not messing up your path too much.

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But basically bring it back and then feel like you tumble or throw the grip that way

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as you're coming through.

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One other checkpoint that you might have to feel this is if you're looking from the down

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the line view if you have a tendency to get the club swinging too much horizontally or the

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grip exiting really low on the way through.

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That's a sign that you're lacking older deviation and this is a good way for a lot of

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golfers to feel that natural dropping of the older deviation in transition.

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It's one of the two big movements of the finesse wedge swing, the cast and then you just

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coast on the way through and you'll get really good ground interaction giving you a little

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bit of margin of air for solid contact.

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So bring it back and then we're going to throw the grip up this way which brings the

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club head down.

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Just like that.

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