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Drop Then Wipe

Drop then wipe is a way to feel the arm movements and how they blend from transition to the release. The arms will change from falling to extending during this key phase. This is a critical transition point to practice and a place where a lot of swings break down. Keep in mind that the wipe will only work if the drop included a bit of the motorcycle movement. Practice this drill at home to make it easier to do it correctly on the range and on the course.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Transition, Release, Drill, Beginner

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The drill is drop then wipe and drop them wipe is a way of focusing on what the arms do

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in blending from the transition through delivery position and as they move into the release.

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So I talk a lot about how this right elbow working across your body does a lot of really good

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things for the galswing. It helps with the path, it helps create leg, helps with your angle of attack

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and allows you to create more side bend which ultimately helps you create more speed.

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So because it's such a critical piece and I find that a lot of amateurs have trouble with it

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is one of the big areas for a lot of these drills. So this one is going to help you feel what

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happens from the top of the swing all the way through pretty much until impact and I call it

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chop then wipe because basically what's going to happen is from the top of the swing you're going to

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have some separation between your arm and your body. It's going to be a little bit off to your side

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kind of like so and externally rotated if you remember from the backswing position or from the backswing

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stuff like Dazzy Jeff and what the arm does in the backswing all those. So what's going to happen is

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first this arm is going to basically drop and if you've listened to a lot of golfers, professional golfers

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they'll talk about the feeling of their arms falling during transition. Now I think that that

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relates to this arm reconnecting with the body we're going through this little drop. It's also because

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they're shallowing out the club with the forearms the weight of the club is just going to feel like

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it's kind of pulling the arms down. So that drop is basically bringing this arm down and then the

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wipe is imagine you have a kitchen counter in front of you and it's got a whole bunch of stuff on it

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and you've got to clean it really really quickly. But you're not allowed to use your body only

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allowed to use your arm. So you're going to bring your arm to your side kind of like so and then

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you're going to try and bring that elbow across so that this whole thing works across the counter

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kind of like so. So it's going to be a drop and then a wipe across the counter. Now if I add the

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left arm to it it's going to look like this drop and then this wipe across just like so.

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So this is that arm working across your body and extending where the elbow working towards your

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belly button. If you work on that that will help you with feeling the timing between this movement

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and that movement. Because we need them to be kind of one fluid movement which is why I call it

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the drop-in wipe. What a lot of amateur golfers would do is they would get to the top of swinging

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that arm would just it works straight out and then diagonal fashion towards the counter. We need

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to come down first and then work across so it kind of has this look to it. You do that in the swing

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and it'll end up looking there's kind of the drop and then there's the white.

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And that drop-in white movement helps create some of the shallowness to the angle attacks so the

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body can be a little bit more aggressive during the release.

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