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Wipe Then Extend Vs Extend Then Wipe

The wipe can be a tricky move for a lot of golfers, but it is absolutely critical if you want to have right side bend in your golf swing. This is more important for the longer clubs. Our other videos show that it can be done with either the right arm or the left arm, but it is a key move for triggering the tour release pattern. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Release, Intermediate

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This is really wipe or extend or extend or wipe.

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So this kind of is piggybacks on the timing of the arm extension.

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So I'm going to break it down there's basically two different arm movements that are going to occur from the shoulder elbow area.

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So not if we take out the form arms.

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There's two different shoulder arm movements that are going to occur during the downswing.

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One is going to be extension and then two is going to be this white movement or working more across your body.

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So you really have only two options since there's only two movements.

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You could either extend, sorry, you could extend and then wipe or you could wipe and then extend.

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And if you're used to looking at the golf swing, you'll be able to tell pretty quickly which one of those two is going to give this look that we want of

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Shaffling, you know, still having lag any of those kind of parameters that you're used to seeing in video.

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So if I get up here and I wipe and then extend.

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So if I wipe and then extend my arms, that's going to have a certain look compared to if I get over here and I extend and then I wipe.

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So if I and I can do it without so if I extend and then I wipe, I can do it without bending the arms, but it is easier.

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So if I get over here and then I extend and then wipe versus if I get over here and then I wipe and then extend.

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They're going to have a very different look to them.

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If you are struggling with getting any amount of side bend, if you side bend and you hit it fat, it typically means that you have the timing of more I'm going to extend and then wipe as opposed to wipe and then extend.

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And we have a number of drills to help work on that timing because that's a tricky move for a lot of amateurs, but most pros do it without even really thinking about it.

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Because of they've just figured out in order to hit down on the golf ball, get some good compression, create speed and give them a margin of error.

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They know that they have to do this little white movement and then extend even if they're not really talking about it.

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It's hard to tell from the down the line view.

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The way that you'd be able to tell is more that timing of that arm straightening.

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So if you tend to see the arm getting straight kind of like so, that would be extend and then wipe versus if you tend to see kind of that look there, that is the wipe and then extend.

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So training the timing of whether it's wiping before extending or extending before wiping can really help with your consistency of contacts with your iron play or allowing side till with the driver.

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So it can be a big breakthrough move for those of you in kind of the middle to high single digit in order to get down to that scratch plus to plus three handicap level.

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So if you're struggling with one of those two areas, experiment with the timing of these wipe drills and hopefully they'll help you make solid contact and a free up some of the side bend needed for the longer clips.

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