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Visualizing The Rotational Wipe

"The wipe" is a very important move for consistent & solid ball-striking. It improves sequencing, increases shaft lean, and helps get the "low-point" ahead of the golf ball. These are all critical for eliminating a severe left miss or hook. If you tend to default to more of a flip-style release and a "stall" of the body, this visual should provide you with a clear understanding of the release pattern we are looking to create. 

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Early Extension, Standing Up, Cast, Release, Concept

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This concept video is visualizing the rotational wipe.

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So I talk about the wipe as a sequencing thing and a positional thing and it's a great

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movement for helping get the low point ahead of the golf ball and for helping eliminate

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the left shot.

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So that solid strikes and less fear of a hook.

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Those are really big important concepts for most good golfers.

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So what I'm going to do with this is I'm going to show you a kind of visual representation

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of how the wipe helps create shaft lean which helps move the low point forward as well

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as prevent my ability to close the club face.

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So what I've got here is a whole hoop and the alignment stick.

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So the alignment stick is basically going to represent the golf club.

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So I could pivot the golf club with my hands compared to the stick or I could keep

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it pretty much the same here.

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Now what I can't do is unfortunately I can't really do the motorcycle and square the face

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so if I put a golf club here the club face would be out of sorts.

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But this will help me see or help me visualize more of this component of the sequencing

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to just pure shaft lean.

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So path not really club face.

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So now if I were to have my hands stay at about the same distance compared to my body

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we know they're going to change a bit but if I keep them at about the same distance compared

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to my body you can see that as I rotate through you can see that I start to create more

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shaft lean as my hands go past.

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You would also see that right around here is where they would be even with my right

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thigh and reaching the lowest point of the circle.

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If they keep going around the circle my hands are coming up as that club is going down.

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If we imagine I kind of got to this last minute and then let the hands deviate from

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the path that would create that shaft lean component.

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Now what many amateurs do is they get to right about here and then instead of continuing

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around which is that white movement they deviate they kind of let those hands go and

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they let the club shaft drop down towards the golf ball kind of like this.

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Now you could see I'm going to hit way back here unless I stop my rotation maybe bend

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my arms stand up lots of things that compensate for that earlier arm action or earlier

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kind of releasing of the wrist angles.

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Now don't let this be confused with releasing the unhing because the unhing is more kind

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of bringing it down like this not bringing it out in front of me.

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So I can still get some of this unhing and the white movement but it's harder to demonstrate

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it with these two.

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So what I'll do instead is now I'll bring a club head or a club into this model here

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and you'll see if I do that same thing now I'm going to square the club face using

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that motorcycle and now I'm going to keep my hands working around like I was just doing

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with the Hulu hoop but you'll see that I was able to rotate the club along that path

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and square the face.

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So that visual of the body continuing on the way through is one of the really helpful elite

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player movements for using my body and kind of really feeling this good sequence and it

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has the dual benefit of improving my low point and making it harder for me to hit the

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shot that most good players hate which is the big pull hook or over draw to the left.

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So now if I do one in kind of a slow motion we'll be able to see right around here.

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I can keep my hands working around that circle as opposed to getting to right about

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here and stopping and throwing the club down through there.

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So hopefully this Hulu hoop visual helps you to visualize how this white action works more

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rotationally and how it will transfer a little better low point control sequencing down

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to the golf ball.

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