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Getting Your Arms Vs Your Body Stuck

Good players often complain about feeling stuck. If you use early extension to help shallow the club and hit a draw, then your body ends up getting in the way of the ideal arm path. When your trail arm gets blocked by your rib cage, this typically has the effect of hitting blocks and snap hooks and the sensation of being stuck and/or flippy.

What is happening here is that you have early extended and your rib cage is in the way, but, you have figured out a good way of knowing where the bottom of the swing is when you do this. A lot of golfers first feel very steep as they work out of early extension. If you feel stuck, don't forget to work on your arm motion through the ball so that you don't get steep from a better body position.

Tags: Intermediate

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In this video, we're going to discuss getting the arms stuck, we're getting the club stuck.

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So, a lot of players or golfers who've been around for a while will hear about getting

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stuck on the downswing.

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Now getting stuck on the downswing is basically when the arms get blocked by my body.

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I don't feel like I can go anywhere and so my arms either flip or I tend to hold it off.

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So I feel like I got stuck and then my path got too far out to the right and I struggled

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with either a block shank or with a snapbook.

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So it's not a good feeling and it's something that a lot of golfers try to avoid.

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So there's this idea of keeping the club in front of you to avoid getting stuck.

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Well, this getting stuck is really a matter of early extension and getting the arms behind

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you versus the club.

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So when I talk about this shallowing movement in transition, what you'll see is if I do

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that my hands actually end up pretty much in front of my body.

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Where if my arms tend to drop more down straight down vertically, you can see compared to

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my body, they're actually working behind.

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So in one case, my arms are getting stuck and the club is out in front of my body.

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In the other case, my arms are in front of my body and the club is getting way behind my

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I'm trying to exaggerate it for you and test my flexibility at the same time.

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So when we're working on this movement, it's great to feel that club kind of lagging

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behind my body, which will allow me to use more body rotation to get that down to the

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golf ball.

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As opposed to this feeling of my arms getting behind my body.

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When your arms get behind your body, it's usually a result of the body getting out in front

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of my arms and creating this relationship where I'm going to feel very jammed and stuck.

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There are some really good ball strikers, namely Jim Furik, who get into that position,

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but don't do it by sliding forward and then do that late arms working more across the

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But the fact that I can name the person who does it like that the most or one of you who

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does it like that, it's definitely rare on tour than the guys who get the arms more in front

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of their body and as a result, the club more behind.

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So if you had get this feeling of being stuck, double check what your arms are doing

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in transition, make sure you're not early extending and make sure you've got the club

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face in a position where you can have it behind you and still make solid contact.

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