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Impact Over The Fence - Anti Early Extension Station

Also known as the “Tyler trainer”, here is a great training aid that I got from Dave Phillips at TPI. You can make it for about 2 bucks, and it can really help you become aware of the space between you and the golf ball. Place the Tyler trainer up against your thighs as you set up. For the drill, see if you can get off the trainer while going into your follow through position.

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Tags: Early Extension, Impact, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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Alright, this is another early extension drill it's called breech over the fence.

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You're going to use either a shaft in the ground or this is a simple piece of, you know,

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three pieces of plumbing equipment that have been stuck together. It's a three-quarter inch T in the middle.

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And you can just place that over an old shaft. If it's not a super wide grip it'll fit,

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this shaft didn't have a grip so I had to build up some tape.

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But what this will do is this will give you a spatial awareness of where your body is.

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Again, usually early extenders have no idea that they're pelvis or they're legs are drifting in towards the golf ball,

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that they're pushing through that right leg and driving this way.

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So when you get set up, you're going to set up so that this is just off of your thighs.

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And you can actually hit balls this way as long as you don't have this thing too far up.

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Because if you, if you early extend, you'll drift into it and you'll be safe.

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If you stay off of it, you'll have plenty of room because the club will actually be passing where it's supposed to.

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So the progression I usually like is to get used to swinging with this kind of restriction in your way.

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Take your arms, place them across your shoulders,

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and it's just off of my thighs. I'm going to try to get even more off my thighs as I go to my follow-through position.

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Most of you are going to feel like you get stuck here and you can only go backwards, you can't turn.

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But with a little bit of practice and a feeling of getting into that left hip and that left heel, you'll be able to overcome that obstacle.

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Once you can do that, then now it's just going to the 9-3 and just hitting little chip shots,

00:01:44,000 --> 00:01:55,000
kind of focusing on getting into that left side. But then you can move to taking full swings, making sure that you don't hit into this little thing.

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I do recommend if you get it, get the ones without the curved handles the way that I did,

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or instead of the way that I did, because these do make it a little bit more challenging.

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But you can take full swings, starting up against it, and then working your way off.

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And if you're not early extending, you'll have no problem getting into your full follow-through.

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