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Monitoring Chest Height - Pool Noodle

Standing up through the shot, which is often known as "early extension", can be a very difficult move to eliminate. While there could be a variety of physical limitations or technical flaws to blame, I have noticed that a considerable amount of students are simply unaware of just how severe this pattern can be. In order to break this often resilient habit, increasing awareness (specifically for torso side-bend and rotation) should be our number one goal before diving into physical and more technical troubleshooting.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Early Extension, Impact, Follow Through, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is monitoring chest height with a pool noodle.

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So many golfers struggle with standing up through the shot, so they struggle with standing

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up kind of like this.

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And they're really unaware of it.

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When you ask someone who does that, hey, did you stand up, try and stay down, try and

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stay down.

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They're really unaware of it.

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So what I usually do is I will either set up a station like this or I'll hold an object

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like a pool noodle in here, close to their chest height.

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So the main thing here is now I've got something, I'm gonna lower it just slightly.

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So I've got something that's in my field of view a little bit in front of me so that when

00:00:43,000 --> 00:00:49,000
I come through, I can have a reference as to whether I stood up or not.

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So what I want to try to do is first, I'm going to practice turning my body so that my

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chest stays at about the same height compared to this pool noodle.

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So even if I was to come up a little bit, I would say, oh, alright, I'm going to create

00:01:08,000 --> 00:01:13,000
a reference right about here in my mind and then I'm going to turn through keeping my

00:01:13,000 --> 00:01:16,000
chest at that reference.

00:01:16,000 --> 00:01:22,000
I like to have it on the target side, not directly in front of me because if it's directly

00:01:22,000 --> 00:01:27,000
in front of me, when I come through, I've kind of lost sight of it.

00:01:27,000 --> 00:01:33,000
I want it to be far enough ahead so that when I come through, I can still use it as a good

00:01:33,000 --> 00:01:38,000
reference and check it without having to turn or pivot my head.

00:01:38,000 --> 00:01:43,000
So then I'll do normal progressions of 9 to 3, 10 to 2 up to full swings.

00:01:43,000 --> 00:01:46,000
Let's get that a little bit closer to it.

00:01:46,000 --> 00:01:51,000
So now I'm going to feel like I'm going to come to their it impact.

00:01:51,000 --> 00:01:55,000
I might even do a push ball or something like that, but I'm going to focus on finishing

00:01:55,000 --> 00:02:01,000
in this position instead of that position there.

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So 9 to 3 double check, not too bad.

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That's pretty happy with that.

00:02:08,000 --> 00:02:15,000
Now in a 10 to 2 in full swing, it gets a little trickier because I now have to pay attention

00:02:15,000 --> 00:02:17,000
to where I was when I was moving down through here.

00:02:17,000 --> 00:02:22,000
But I'm going to leave this once I get the club past follow through position.

00:02:22,000 --> 00:02:28,000
So once I get to here, I'm the momentum of the club and my body absorbing the force safely

00:02:28,000 --> 00:02:31,000
is naturally going to stand up a little bit more.

00:02:31,000 --> 00:02:38,000
So as I go into a bigger swing, now I really have to rely on that flash of where was this

00:02:38,000 --> 00:02:41,000
thing just between here and here.

00:02:41,000 --> 00:02:47,000
And the more times I do it, the better my body will get at being able to recognize and

00:02:47,000 --> 00:02:48,000
pay attention to it.

00:02:48,000 --> 00:02:52,000
So I might have to start with a lot of 9 to 3s and a lot of slow motion swings, really

00:02:52,000 --> 00:03:00,000
trying to feel like I stay the same space or even like I get closer to it between the

00:03:00,000 --> 00:03:03,000
start of the release and the end of the release.

00:03:03,000 --> 00:03:08,000
Remember, the end of the follow through position right here is when I have the greatest

00:03:08,000 --> 00:03:12,000
amount of side bend of my upper body.

00:03:12,000 --> 00:03:16,000
So I'll be close to the same height with my chest, even though my legs are straightening

00:03:16,000 --> 00:03:19,000
as they're going into a nice bracing move.

00:03:19,000 --> 00:03:24,000
So now we'll go back to, we'll do a little bit more like a 10 to 2.

00:03:24,000 --> 00:03:31,000
So I'm going to feel like I stayed down through and then came up and then because of

00:03:31,000 --> 00:03:35,000
the purpose of this drill, my brain naturally tried to pull me back down, but that's

00:03:35,000 --> 00:03:38,000

00:03:38,000 --> 00:03:42,000
Now as I go into a full swing, I'm just going to use the feel.

00:03:42,000 --> 00:03:47,000
I'll get that even a little bit more in my way for the full swing.

00:03:47,000 --> 00:04:01,000
So I'm going to try and get extra low on this one using this as my source of feedback.

00:04:01,000 --> 00:04:07,000
So emphasizing, staying down using my abs, but controlling the height of my club.

00:04:07,000 --> 00:04:13,000
You don't want to set something like this up on a tripod, then you can take an alignment

00:04:13,000 --> 00:04:18,000
stick and put it in the ground and put a head cover or something on an angle like that.

00:04:18,000 --> 00:04:23,000
But I like to get it as close to my visual frame for doing this head height awareness.

00:04:23,000 --> 00:04:26,000
I like to get it as close to my visual frame as I can.

00:04:26,000 --> 00:04:30,000
So I highly recommend using a pool noodle on a tripod that works really well for me,

00:04:30,000 --> 00:04:33,000
or maybe you can get creative and create some kind of station that you can train with at

00:04:33,000 --> 00:04:33,000

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