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The Recoil Drill

This can be a very powerful drill for golfers who have engrained a strong flip-release through impact. Typically, players who rely on this less-than efficient movement will overdo some combination of trail wrist extension, trail arm internal rotation, or a stall of the body; this leads to a host of consistency issues and trouble with generating power and speed. Thankfully though, this drill is an almost perfect "mousetrap" as it becomes nearly impossible to flip the club when done correctly. If this sounds like a pattern you are struggling to fix, then you may want to work this into your next practice session.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Not Enough Distance, Release, Drill, Advanced

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This is the recoil drill.

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So the recoil drill is very helpful for training getting out of a flip pattern.

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In a flip pattern, oftentimes golfers have a lot of right arm and right hand action

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down at the bottom.

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Usually going into more of a flexion pattern of the wrist kind of like this, or going

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into a trail arm internal rotation pattern kind of like that.

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But it's usually accompanied with a stalling of the body.

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So the recoil drill is training you to use your arms to deliver the club to the golf ball

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while waiting longer and longer with the wrist.

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You can still use some of the owner deviation to shallow it out, but it definitely prevents

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you from getting the flip pattern.

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In fact, it's virtually impossible to do the recoil drill correctly if you are flipping.

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So basically what we're going to do for the recoil drill is we're going to put the emphasis

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on hitting the leading edge against the ground.

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So I'll start by putting the club way back in my stance kind of like this.

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And then if I was to make contact with the ground, you'll notice that the leading edge

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hits in the ground and it just kind of digs.

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First I should say, I recommend doing this either in your backyard or somewhere where

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the greens keeper is not going to get too upset if you're taking some really deep

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Because the first few times you do this, you might take some really deep divots.

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So here's the recoil part.

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Basically making contact with the ground with the leading edge and then coming right back

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out of the ground, just like that.

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Now you'll see if I was to do this more with the wrist, the club will continue going

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through if I have any amount of speed.

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So I'll back up so we don't ruin kind of the hitting area there.

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But if I try to get that leading edge to hit, but then I add some right arm, you'll see

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that it tends to go through.

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Instead of hitting more the leading edge just like this.

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Now if I want to combo and work this into a little bit better low point position by using

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the wipe, now I'm going to try to get the leading edge and the recoil to happen ahead of

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the middle of my stance.

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So I'm going to get set up and now I'm going to try and get my hands way ahead and get

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that recoil to happen well ahead of the middle of my stance.

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The further forward I can go, the more that I'm getting a combination of the wipe and

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not losing that trail wrist extension.

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So once I have a decent pattern of hitting the ground, I can try to do this with the golf ball.

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Once I get the pattern of doing it with the golf ball, I'm going to try to add some

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speed and feel like the body causes me to go past that recoil point instead of stopping

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right there.

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So this is a pretty powerful drill for some golfers who have really ingrained trail wrist

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flip pattern.

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Okay, so now we'll try one of those little recoil, it's got the ball just slightly ahead

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of maybe middle of my stance.

00:03:14,000 --> 00:03:18,000
I'm going to try it wherever I have it.

00:03:18,000 --> 00:03:20,000
I was kind of forgot what I was doing there for a second.

00:03:20,000 --> 00:03:24,000
It was solid strike, but it wasn't the true recoil.

00:03:24,000 --> 00:03:30,000
So for the true recoil, I'm going to have to exaggerate getting the hands ahead so that

00:03:30,000 --> 00:03:34,000
when I hit the golf or when I strike the ground with the leading edge pretty hard, I'm

00:03:34,000 --> 00:03:37,000
going to be able to recoil out of it.

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Now you'll notice between those two what I did in order to hit the ground with that recoil

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drill a little bit harder was I had to do more of the wipe, I had to get my hands

00:03:48,000 --> 00:03:55,000
well ahead and then when I release the club down you'll notice I did it more with the arm

00:03:55,000 --> 00:03:57,000
and less with the wrist.

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Once I have that feeling in my mind, now I can try to add a little bit of speed and

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bracing and what'll happen is when I put in some speed and some bracing, now even when

00:04:10,000 --> 00:04:15,000
I'm trying to hit that recoil it's going to be shallowed out by that bracing movement

00:04:15,000 --> 00:04:18,000
which is going to cause the club to just slide through the ground or just slice through

00:04:18,000 --> 00:04:21,000
the ground instead of digging into it and stopping it.

00:04:21,000 --> 00:04:29,000
So now with a little bit more speed you'll see that even though I'm attempting to create

00:04:29,000 --> 00:04:34,000
recoil on that one I didn't even make contact with the ground because of the position

00:04:34,000 --> 00:04:43,000
of my body or the movement of my body through impact.

00:04:43,000 --> 00:04:48,000
So this will help you with your early release of your trail right hand or losing that

00:04:48,000 --> 00:04:52,000
extension what some people call the flying wedge in that trail wrist.

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