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Early Extension - 3 Core Moves

The 3 core movements that drive the early extension pattern are: 

  1. Lower body moving in towards the golf ball
  2. Chest moving up or away from the golf ball
  3. The arms straightening early

The lower body could be driven by the foot action, the ankle, the way the body pushes against the ground, the back, starting too much in the heels, moving too much towards the toes, etc

The chest moving away from the golf ball could be driven by lots of issues as well. It could be driven by the back powering the swing, a lack of side bend movement, the closeness of the yes to the ground and the size of the golf ball appearance, a way to shallow out the club, etc

The arms straightening early could come from the lead arm pulling, the trail arm throwing, the wrist not unhinging, an attempt to shallow out the club, an early timing of swinging at the ball instead of through the ball.

While the reasons could be many, this video outlines the three basic patterns to work through to eradicate the pattern.

Tags: Standing Up, Concept

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