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Early Extension - 3 Core Moves

The 3 core movements that drive the early extension pattern are: 

  1. Lower body moving in towards the golf ball
  2. Chest moving up or away from the golf ball
  3. The arms straightening early

The lower body could be driven by the foot action, the ankle, the way the body pushes against the ground, the back, starting too much in the heels, moving too much towards the toes, etc

The chest moving away from the golf ball could be driven by lots of issues as well. It could be driven by the back powering the swing, a lack of side bend movement, the closeness of the yes to the ground and the size of the golf ball appearance, a way to shallow out the club, etc

The arms straightening early could come from the lead arm pulling, the trail arm throwing, the wrist not unhinging, an attempt to shallow out the club, an early timing of swinging at the ball instead of through the ball.

While the reasons could be many, this video outlines the three basic patterns to work through to eradicate the pattern.

Tags: Standing Up, Concept

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In this concept video, we're going to discuss the three key pieces to early extension.

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So some golfers struggle with the early extension pattern.

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We're basically the hips are going in and there's a little bit more of an arm throw.

00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:22,000
There's a bunch of different components that can relate to it.

00:00:22,000 --> 00:00:29,000
But in my opinion, there's three key ones that you have to tackle in order to correct

00:00:29,000 --> 00:00:34,000
this problem and usually getting one of them to work better will help improve the other

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00:00:35,000 --> 00:00:40,000
So the three big pieces are either the lower body moving in towards the golf ball.

00:00:40,000 --> 00:00:45,000
So pushing with my feet in towards the golf ball too much, especially from that trail

00:00:45,000 --> 00:00:52,000
knee where that trail knee gets in towards the golf ball or pass the foot and the hip goes

00:00:52,000 --> 00:00:56,000
past the middle of the foot kind of like this.

00:00:56,000 --> 00:01:00,000
The second component would be the upper body going backward.

00:01:00,000 --> 00:01:06,000
So the upper body pulling back away from the golf ball or getting more vertical from

00:01:06,000 --> 00:01:08,000
the down the line camera angle.

00:01:08,000 --> 00:01:14,000
And then the third one is going to be the timing of the arm extension.

00:01:14,000 --> 00:01:19,000
So typically what happens is in order to make this all work, the hips go forward,

00:01:19,000 --> 00:01:25,000
the upper body goes back and the arms extend kind of like this.

00:01:25,000 --> 00:01:31,000
And you'll see I can pick the ball, I can hit it pretty straight, but it becomes a limiting

00:01:31,000 --> 00:01:36,000
pattern when I start to add more speed or when I try to time it up with the longer clubs

00:01:36,000 --> 00:01:40,000
or it can become a low point problem for the shorter clubs.

00:01:40,000 --> 00:01:45,000
So if you're working on it and one of these areas isn't clicking, let's say you're

00:01:45,000 --> 00:01:50,000
trying to do some hip back drills and you're just feeling like you're kind of stuck and

00:01:50,000 --> 00:01:55,000
they're not rotating, you can always focus on more the chest being closer to the ground.

00:01:55,000 --> 00:01:58,000
Or working the chest closer to the ground.

00:01:58,000 --> 00:02:03,000
If you're in this chest closer to the ground position and you went forward, you would fall

00:02:03,000 --> 00:02:08,000
over or if you were in this chest down position and you straighten your arms, you would

00:02:08,000 --> 00:02:10,000
hit behind the golf ball, you'd hit it fat.

00:02:10,000 --> 00:02:18,000
So the chest being down or the hips being back get your body closer to the golf ball.

00:02:18,000 --> 00:02:26,000
So then it would require a delayed timing of that arm extension.

00:02:26,000 --> 00:02:27,000
Kind of like that.

00:02:27,000 --> 00:02:31,000
So it would require this arm to be a little bit more bent as I'm getting into impact

00:02:31,000 --> 00:02:33,000
in the next standing through the shot.

00:02:33,000 --> 00:02:39,000
Now there are a couple, let's say, complimentary movements such as if the body has gotten

00:02:39,000 --> 00:02:44,000
more steep like this, I might have to do some arm shallowing, either with kind of some

00:02:44,000 --> 00:02:49,000
of this actual rotation of the arms or a little bit more owner-deadiation.

00:02:49,000 --> 00:02:54,000
Because I'm down and have more body rotation on the way through, the club face may be

00:02:54,000 --> 00:02:57,000
more open than I'm used to.

00:02:57,000 --> 00:03:01,000
You can see that from the overhead view as the hands go forward, the club face gets open.

00:03:01,000 --> 00:03:05,000
So I might have to feel a little bit more motorcycle component to it.

00:03:05,000 --> 00:03:12,000
So the big pieces are lower body in or upper body up or timing of the arm straightening.

00:03:12,000 --> 00:03:15,000
If you work on one of those three and you're just trying to dial in some contact

00:03:15,000 --> 00:03:20,000
and ball flight, then you might have to go after some arm shallowing or club face control.

00:03:20,000 --> 00:03:26,000
But if you're struggling with early extension and the associated either block hook, thin

00:03:26,000 --> 00:03:33,000
divot, consistency with the longer clubs and contact with the shorter clubs, then I recommend

00:03:33,000 --> 00:03:37,000
targeting one of the big three until you get a change on video.

00:03:37,000 --> 00:03:40,000
That can provide the platform that you can then build some of the other movements

00:03:40,000 --> 00:03:41,000

00:03:42,000 --> 00:03:44,000
Alright, so demoize, let's work through a couple of these common ones.

00:03:44,000 --> 00:03:48,000
First one, I'll focus on the hip-scowing backward.

00:03:48,000 --> 00:03:53,000
Oftentimes what can happen is if the hips go backward and I still kind of straighten my arms,

00:03:53,000 --> 00:03:56,000
I'll have a really exaggerated feel of the stall pattern.

00:03:56,000 --> 00:04:06,000
So when the hips go backward, I want to now feel a little bit more body rotation.

00:04:06,000 --> 00:04:11,000
So I'm making sure that even though my hips went backward, my chest is facing the target.

00:04:11,000 --> 00:04:15,000
Alright, let's try one of the other components.

00:04:15,000 --> 00:04:20,000
So now let's say I'm going to focus on the chest being more down.

00:04:20,000 --> 00:04:26,000
So if I focus on the chest being more down, if I straighten my arms early,

00:04:26,000 --> 00:04:32,000
you'll see I hit way behind it and the divot is quite deep.

00:04:32,000 --> 00:04:35,000
So that's a really frustrating one.

00:04:35,000 --> 00:04:39,000
What I'm going to focus on during this next one,

00:04:39,000 --> 00:04:45,000
chest is going to stay down, but I'm going to get either a little bit more arm shallowing,

00:04:45,000 --> 00:04:49,000
or I'm going to feel a little bit more of my body rotation.

00:04:49,000 --> 00:04:54,000
I did a little bit of both because I wanted to decrease the depth of that divot

00:04:54,000 --> 00:04:58,000
and move the low point a little bit more forward.

00:04:59,000 --> 00:05:05,000
Okay, then third combo would be I'm used to straightening the arm into the ball.

00:05:05,000 --> 00:05:08,000
Now it's going to feel like I'm kind of stuck here.

00:05:08,000 --> 00:05:12,000
Now if I don't have enough older diviation and I keep this in here,

00:05:12,000 --> 00:05:15,000
then I'm going to be well above the golf ball. I might actually top it.

00:05:15,000 --> 00:05:21,000
So if I feel like I'm keeping this in and I'm hitting a lot of shots like this,

00:05:21,000 --> 00:05:25,000
you saw I stood up and I didn't give any older diviation.

00:05:26,000 --> 00:05:32,000
So on the next one, trying to keep the wipe or trying to keep that arm a little bit more

00:05:32,000 --> 00:05:40,000
in, now I'm going to feel at the same time a little bit of body staying lower and letting

00:05:40,000 --> 00:05:42,000
a little bit of that older diviation happen.

00:05:42,000 --> 00:05:47,000
So the challenging thing with the early extension pattern is that there's a couple of components

00:05:47,000 --> 00:05:50,000
and you have to do it at least two of them usually to have some really good success.

00:05:50,000 --> 00:05:54,000
But in order to do two of them comfortably, you'll have to work on each piece,

00:05:54,000 --> 00:05:58,000
maybe for a couple of practices before you can add them both at the same time.

00:05:58,000 --> 00:06:03,000
But it is a pattern that when you get through it and you've improved it,

00:06:03,000 --> 00:06:08,000
you'll typically experience much greater consistency and overall enjoyment of your ball strike.

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