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Pelvis Track - Feel The Path of The Hips in the Downswing

Because the pelvis is an ellipse when you start your downswing, your hips should not move into the golf ball. For a lot of tour golfers, the center of their pelvis moves away from the golf ball a couple inches. But a lot of amateur golfers have a hard time feeling where their pelvis is in space. The pelvis track helps to create a visual reference as to the path you want your hips to take.

To set it up, place a stick or a club diagonally from your trail to to your lead heel. This gives the visual path that you want to move your hips along. One goal in your practice is to find a way to do this with good effort. Often, pushing into early extension feels very powerful, and golfers will feel like moving the hips and pelvis properly has a "weak" feel.

Playlists: Fix Your Early Extension, Understand Your Swing Plane/Path, Fix Your Hook

Tags: Early Extension, Drill, Intermediate

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