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Supported Wipe - Better Trail Arm Release And Solid Contact

Using your hands for feedback can help coordinate feels and understand details. In the supported wipe, you are really going to focus on the movement of the trail elbow during the release. Two key things can come out of it: Where is the elbow pointing when I extend my arm? Where is impact compared to my body? 

The supported wipe can be done at home to train it or at the range as part of a single arm release training.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Transition, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is the supported white.

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So the the wipe is one of the key components to a good release and for a lot of

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offers they'll struggle with what the trail arm is doing.

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Now in reality both arms are contributing to this wipe and getting the club to work

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more across your body instead of straight out in front of it.

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That's important for getting consistent flat spot and getting those arms to really

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extend on the way through and getting good side bit.

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So for the supported wipe we're going to focus on the forearm position and then

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almost combine a little bit of the finger release.

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So what you're going to do is you're going to take your left hand and place it

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underneath your right elbow and then what you're going to do is you're going to

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bring that elbow across.

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So I'll start with the palm or the forearm facing up.

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So I'm going to bring that arm across and then when I get to kind of the end

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of my range of motion keeping that elbow pointed down I'm going to

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extend it and I'm going to rotate my palm so it's facing towards the target.

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Similar to what I would be doing in that finger release.

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So hand on the elbow keep that elbow pointed down and it turns into one movement

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kind of like so working more across my body.

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Now you can you can try and do this as part of the single arm releases where you

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put that arm here.

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It will make it a little bit more challenging.

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So as you saw it will make it a little bit more challenging because this

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shoulder tends to get in the way and block a little bit but I'm basically working

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across just like so and then add the left arm and make sure I'm in good in a good

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position but that works on the wipe of that trail arm.

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Now as I demonstrated there in that single arm release drill this wipe there's the end

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of my release.

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So what'll happen?

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It works across my body.

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It extends and then this arm kind of extends out.

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So in one movement kind of just drifts across and does this.

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My tendency especially when doing the single arm releases is that a lot of golfers will

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release the club more with the shoulder so that elbow would be pointing up kind of like

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so like that.

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So we're going to bring it across.

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Just like this and that is the end of the release.

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Now if you have been following this program the end of the release is the follow-through

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position which is when the club is shaft parallel there.

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So while I'm doing it across the body if I were to put the timing of impact it would

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basically be there's impact and then there's the end of my release.

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So it would look there's impact I'm still doing that white movement there's the end

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of that release.

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So it would be there's impact just like that's there's impact and then it continues

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going across as I go into that release.

00:02:43,000 --> 00:02:49,000
So one last time if I add the body rotation there is impact and then it continues working

00:02:49,000 --> 00:02:51,000
across as I get into that release.

00:02:51,000 --> 00:02:56,000
Typically when doing the supported white I'll train it mostly from the trail arm because

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that's usually the one it's very weak for the left arm to feel like it does this but

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if you wanted to do them both it would be more of a keep that elbow pointed down and rotate

00:03:05,000 --> 00:03:10,000
that left arm across like so but again I tend to find it's more that right hand that

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you have to be careful with.

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The important thing with understanding the left hand is again that's the end of the release

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so I'm making impact right about there and then I would continue turning and it would

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look more like that at the end of the left arm component of the supported white.

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Now from the down the line it will look like this so the arm is working kind of across

00:03:30,000 --> 00:03:36,000
my body as it's rotating so I'm kind of here I am in that good delivery position that's

00:03:36,000 --> 00:03:41,000
that start of the wipe and then this is just going to basically drag across that way and

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then it's going to rotate and extend as I would be going normal during that last stage

00:03:46,000 --> 00:03:48,000
of the release.

00:03:48,000 --> 00:03:52,000
So it looks like this not like that.

00:03:52,000 --> 00:04:00,000
Now putting it together in a 9 to 3 I'll basically go to waist height and then wipe as

00:04:00,000 --> 00:04:05,000
I pivot with my body and it works across like that you can work it into full swings but

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it's very important for getting that solid contact with your irons.

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