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Connecting Swing Path To Low Point

Many of my students (and golfers who find their way to the GSA site) start with a severe out-to-in, or "over the top" swing path. With some of the drills and concepts found here, players are able to quickly move away from this pattern and instead, are creating a more shallow club path (with improved wrist mechanics). However, in this process of improvement, it is not uncommon to start struggling with thin or heavy contact. In large part, this is because you cannot receive the full benefit of an improved club-path without also improving "low-point" as well; this can be done with moves such as the "the wipe", for example. Ultimately though, if you understand how the old "over the top" move was able to navigate path and low-point, you can better understand how to address these two variables through more efficient and reliable mechanics.

Playlists: Train Your Release, Understand Your Swing Plane/Path

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Impact, Release, Concept, Intermediate

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