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Connecting The Wipe To The Downswing

Golfers are frequently confused by the wipe, but when they understand the movement it can unlock ball striking consistency like they only imagined. The wipe is a movement that unifies the transition and the release and helps relate to the overall arm direction and timing. Understand how the wipe relates to your release training in this video.

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Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Transition, Release, Concept, Intermediate

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In this video, we're going to discuss the wipe and connect it to the big picture of the downswing.

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So the wipe is one of the key movements that I see that helps differentiate elite ball strikers from kind of average ball strikers.

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And it is either looked at as the end of the transition or the start of the release,

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but it is often easiest to train it as part of the release.

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So from a global picture or a global perspective, the wipe is basically relating to the direction that my arms are extending.

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So if I wipe as part of my release and then extend my arms, you'll see that they go off to the left.

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So if I was set up to the golf ball and I did that little bit of wipe as I'm extending my arms,

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basically like I'm extending my arms straight down in a direction, you know,

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a 30, 40 degrees out in front of the golf ball, kind of like this.

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I can compare that to the opposite of golf or who doesn't look like they have a wipe,

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where the arms are extending straight out in front of the chest and tending to kind of rotate this way.

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So that would look more almost like I'm throwing my hands in my arms straight towards the golf ball.

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So what I've recently discovered is that a lot of golfers who need to work on the wipe end up trying to exaggerate the arm movements working across their body,

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and basically just want to hold on to it and kind of swing through like so.

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So they end up trying to swing it across their body and if they kept it like that,

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there's no way they would be able to get those arms down towards the golf ball.

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So the wipe is a little bit more of a subtle movement because the arms are going to be off to my side and elevated at the top of the swing.

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And then they reconnect towards the ribcage and then they start working across as they're extending.

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So it's just making sure that the timing and the direction of the arm movement is proper for what you're trying to do with your body pivot.

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And what the from a big picture as far as how it relates to muscles and efficient energy transfer.

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In order to get the arms working across your body, you'll see that I keep my shoulder blade a little bit more depressed and my shoulder blade actually kind of slides around my body to help my arms extend.

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So the shoulder blade, if I do a good white kind of slides around my body a little bit to help my arms extend that like this.

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You can compare that to someone who doesn't do a very good white where the shoulder would actually work kind of up and around and the arms would work more straight out like so.

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Well when the arms work across your body and the shoulder blade works around, you're using a muscle called the Seratus anterior and that muscle connects to the oblique.

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So trying to get the arm to work a little bit more around that way helps rotate the upper body and connect the rotation to the upper body to the pelvis where if it starts going.

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This way I'm using a little bit more my pack and I'm using more of my tricep to kind of straighten the arm but I'm not really connecting it to the ribcage and the rotation.

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So it can cause a feeling of being disconnected or on video it can cause a look of a stall if I'm lacking this wipe.

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So from a big picture perspective, if I'm training some of these white movements my release will look a lot more connected and fluid compared to if I have more of a stall it will look like my body and my arms aren't quite as synced up.

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So when you're training in the wipe, you've got a variety of different drills to help you focus on the movement of that trail or lead arm kind of but the general picture is it's working more.

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We're partly across your body as it's extended.

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So I think it can be very helpful to train it as part of delivery position.

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So if you're doing pump drills and you're working on those arms getting from behind your body to a little bit more in front of your body it can be part of.

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Part of what's going on at the end of transition or if you're doing release drills you can work it at the start of any of those release drills so if I'm doing the left hand it's just going to work.

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A little bit across before extends if I'm doing the right arm only it works across as it is as it extends so.

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By training it at the start of the release or the end of the transition I can focus on it in the right phase it is a subtle movement where it's basically just working just a little bit from there towards there.

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It's not like it has to continue on forever because that can eventually become more of a look of almost kind of dragging the handle as opposed to.

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Little wipe and good extension just on the target side of the golf ball.

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So if you're struggling with trying to make the wipe and you're watching these videos and you see yourself in the mirror or you video yourself and it looks like you're just kind of exaggerating and holding on.

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Make sure you connect that wipe to the global picture of the arm extension and the timing of the arms because that'll help connect it to your stock full swing.

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