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Side Arm Throw - Downswing Body Sequencing

The side arm throw is a very useful training tool for training the gross movements of the golf swing. There is a reason why pitchers and quarterbacks tend to become excellent golfers when they retire from their sports. The golf swing was once described as feeling like skipping a stone. If you have a lake, you can certainly have some fun times working on your golf swing by skipping stones, but for the rest of us, throwing balls into walls or couches can be a great training tool.

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Tags: Driver, Transition, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is the side arm throw. I'm going to show you two different versions. When you can do with a larger ball, say like a volleyball, soccer ball, basketball, the other you can do with just golf ball.

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So the two arm-verson, you're going to use a little bit more of a larger object like a volleyball would be ideal or a light medicine ball.

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Now what you're going to do is when you go to throw this ball, the major thing is you want to make sure that this right arm is underneath the left, like so.

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So if I was really trying to throw this, I would probably keep the back of my hand in line with the ball where I'd be pushing.

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But to train it more in the golf style, I'm going to practice getting this right elbow as much underneath the left as I can.

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And I'm going to add a little bit of this motorcycle move, like so.

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So I'm going to get into this position and then release from there.

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Like so. So demonstrate one. But basically, that's the forearm part.

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And then when I go to release, I can feel my body kind of brace against so that my arms can then extend even more.

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Similar as if I was throwing kind of a skipping stone or a side arm throw.

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I would not let my body continue going when I went to release.

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So the two arm throw is going to look something like this.

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So that's a great one that you can practice just throwing into the couch. You can practice it at home.

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Helps you feel that proper arm movement working a little bit more across your body.

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Because what a lot of amateurs tend to do is that arm works more out at the golf ball, where throwing an object out that way.

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It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to extend out at the golf ball.

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So I start to feel a little bit more comfortable working that arm across my body.

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The one arm version is the throw. So basically you're going to hold it like a shot put just like so.

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So you're going to put it right in the middle of your palm and then hold it just with your thumb.

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And then you're going to try and bring that arm across.

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So even if I was doing an iron version where I'd be throwing it more down, I'm still throwing it out ahead of the golf ball.

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And the best way to do that would be allow my elbow to work across my body.

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If I'm working more on the driver plane, it would end up my upper body would be tilted a little bit more behind.

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And it would be throwing it a little bit more parallel to the ground.

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So there are two great ways that you can work on this feeling of the proper right arm movement and train it at home.

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Now I should add one piece you can do if you're doing the single arm version is by putting my arm on a club like so.

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Now when I go to throw this is going to prevent that left arm spinning so I can get a much better feeling of that right side hitting through that firm left side.

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That will help translate into a shoulder that'll stay closed a little bit longer until the arms create some of that side bend and rotation.

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So great one to work on at home.

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A few reps here and there will make a huge difference for your comfort in the direction of where your arms need to go during the release.

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