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Step Change Of Direction - Transition Sequencing

To do the step change of direction, first, grab a golf club and get into a golfing posture. Place both feet together and start with the club pointed at the target. Begin by stepping towards the target as you take a backswing. It is extremely important to sequence this movement correctly, step just after the club starts the takeaway. The backswing and the step should happen together. When you step, make sure that it is just your lowerbody that moves toward the target, and not your entire body. When you finish the step, your lowerbody should be closer to the target than your upper body. The stepping during the backswing will shorten your swing, but it will also give you an exaggerated feeling of the lowerbody initiating the downswing. This is critical for swing plane, creating power, and creating lag. For bonus points, try to feel the downswing in your abs instead of in your back.

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Tags: Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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