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Wipe With Head Awareness

It is common to develop a big of a forward lunge when working on the wipe movement. Placing an object outside your lead ear (about in line with your lead shoulder) will help make you aware of your upper body position and make your wipe training more effective.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Not Enough Distance, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is wiped with head awareness.

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So when you're doing these wipe drills, it's a very common tendency for as you're trying

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to get that elbow to work a little bit more in front of your body, you're trying to get

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the club to work a little bit more horizontally for the upper body to want to start

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lunging towards the target.

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So you can take the concept of the wall off the left ear and create a little visual feedback

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So I've just got a foam noodle kind of going over an alignment rod.

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You can use a shaft in the ground or just an alignment stick to give you kind of a visual

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and spatial awareness as to where you are in space as you make these moves.

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So then I'm going to get set up and now whether I'm doing kind of a supported wipe

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movement or I'm doing a pump drill to kind of feel that wipe movement.

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This will just give me a little bit of feedback to make sure that I'm not lunging too

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much with my upper body.

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Now I would put this roughly even with your shoulder not directly on your head because

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there will naturally be a little bit of a forward shift during transition.

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So I've got this just outside my shoulder kind of just like so that allows me to have

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just a little bit of shift but then get into that good bracing movement.

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And that's one of the other reasons why I like this is it helps blend the white movement

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into the side bend and bracing movement and those two kind of should play off of each

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So you can use this with a variety of the different drills from the supported wipe to the

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nine to three focusing on the wipe to the aggressive wipe or any of the other kind of

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really sterile concepts.

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So putting the foam noodle in line with about your left shoulder just slightly ahead of

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the head that will make it so that when you make that wipe movement you can focus on

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where your upper body is in space and that'll help you if you're turning this wipe into

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more of a forward lunge.

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So elbow moves in front connected to what the body is doing and becomes a good wipe with

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a brace.

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