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Arms Wipe, Not The Clubhead

Golfers struggling with a flip release or low-point issues will often (and correctly) work "the wipe" into their training routine. However, it is not uncommon for these players to default to a few bad habits upon starting their training.

Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Cast, Release, Concept, Beginner

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It's a concept video is arms wipe not the clubhead.

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So I often see golfers trying to work on their low point and work on their white move

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have some circuits across that like to call it where basically they're stuck trying

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to do it with one part of their body instead of another.

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Specifically what'll happen is a lot of golfers who have more of this cast pattern or

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early release where the club is getting dumped back here.

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Well you can see the arms are more behind my body and when we'll start working on the

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wipe initially they'll just try and throw down at the bottom and they'll try to throw

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the clubhead past their body faster.

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Well one way to think of low point or the wide point is looking at kind of the relationship

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of the clubhead to the chest.

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And so in a more of a cast pattern I'm going to get the club out in front of my chest

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If I use more of a wipe down at the bottom my arms are working across kind of past the

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chest and the club is staying behind my chest longer than I'm making contacts still behind

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my chest and it's not catching up with the chest until after impact.

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So when you're working on the white movement you want to make sure that your arms are

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doing the wipe that you're not just trying to throw the clubhead past your body because

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that will only cause you to hit fat shots a little faster.

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So it doesn't really change the impact pattern.

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One way that all looks kind of tight things together is when you throw the clubhead

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past your body that's more of my arms are throwing the clubhead that way and my body is

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almost staying behind or facing that way.

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So my body which has a big impact on the low point is staying behind.

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Instead if my arms do a little bit more wipe and my body comes through my body is going

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and bringing the club through and my arms are almost releasing the club with a little

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older dv and leaving the clubhead back behind.

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So you have two kind of different patterns.

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You have the clubhead going past my body and my body staying back or the clubhead staying

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back and my body bringing it forward.

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For better low point control it's much more preferred to have the clubhead stay back

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compared to your body and the body rotation to bring it forward.

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And if you have a lot of energy in your hands going towards the target down the impact

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or down at the bottom kind of like this then it's very hard to build that pattern.

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So when we're working on this wipe we're going to try and leave the clubhead back here

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by this title as bag and use my body to bring the club through.

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It'll look something more like that.

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As opposed to if I was to do the opposite if I was to stop my body and then try and throw

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the clubhead past you'll see that because of the width of the swing and the clubhead catching

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up with my chest too soon I ended up hitting it a few inches fat.

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That's what ultimately happens when a lot of golfers start trying to do the wipe.

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They're just trying to move the clubhead and not really moving the handle in.

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If you are working on the wipe one positive sign that you're doing it better is that

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you should hit a lot more thin shots rather than fat shots.

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So if you find that when you're working on the wipe you're hitting a lot of fat shots

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I'd highly recommend looking at video or filming yourself so that you can see why you might

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be hitting it fat because there's a good chance you're misinterpreting how to do the wipe

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and you're actually just trying to throw the clubhead further forward instead of using

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the body and the arms to get the grip further forward at impact.

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