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9 To 3 - Impact Awareness

In this version of the 9-to-3, we are working on our ability to compare a static position "before" the swing to a "snap-shot" of the position as it appears during the swing. In order to do this, we are going to perform a "pre-set" of the pattern or orientation we are training; a great way to start is with a simple pre-set of impact. This could be done with a variety of drills such as impact fix, the merry go round, and the motorcycle, among others. As you advance, you can add feels & drills related to the takeway & follow-through, creating another level of challenge. Overall, this is an excellent way to build the skill of body & club awareness and hopefully, improve your ability to create lasting swing changes.

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Tags: Fundamentals, Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Impact, Follow Through, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is 9 to 3 with impact awareness.

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So in this version of the 9 to 3, we're basically going to take something like the

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merry-go-round or the impact fix or the deconstructing the arms it impacts.

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We're going to take one element of impact.

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We're going to try to bring a lot of awareness to it.

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So we're going to use possibly in this case a preset drill or we may just try to use that

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impact as a reference.

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So I'm going to do some 9 to 3s and I could combo this with either a take away feel

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or a top of the swing feel or possibly a follow-through feel but that's a little bit more

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What I'm rather going to try to do is I'm going to basically do a preset of impact so I might

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do more of a merry-go-round drill.

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I'm working more on the pivot.

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I may do more of the hand position if I'm working on the motor cycle or more of the visual

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impact alignment.

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There's a lot of different options.

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But I'm going to preset that's about where I want to be an impact.

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That's where I am at setup.

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I'm going to do a little 9 to 3 and in my mind I'm just going to try to compare what was

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my body like at impact compared to the preset.

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So in that one I felt like I might have been just a little bit more on top of it so

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that's where I'm trying to get to.

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That one was pretty good.

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So this isn't necessarily about the quality of the strike although oftentimes the quality

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of the strike does come up or does improve.

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What this drill is about is my ability to compare the reference to the movement.

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It's kind of like, my reference is I want my arm to be like this at this point.

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So if I move it through like that I could kind of take a little snapshot of my mind and

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say no when I went through it was more at that angle not at that angle.

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I'm trying to do that with multiple either the pressure through my feet or the hand position

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or the head position.

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I'm trying to do it with multiple facets kind of all at once and I'm trying to build my

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ability to refine that snapshot so that then when I move it on to let's say a 10 to

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2 I can compare okay compared to impact.

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Yep hands were a little bit back now I've got was a little bit ahead I've got some details

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based on that swing and now if I improve on those details I should be able to make a more

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solid strike which that was so I could because I've done enough of these 9 to 3s

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refining that position now when I do a 10 to 2 or even a full swing if I'm aware of the

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position ahead of time it elevates my ability to see how well I match that position in

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the actual swing and that helps me refine my pattern instead of if I start to get lost

00:03:13,000 --> 00:03:20,000
and frustrated because I just can't quite tell how I'm doing so the 9 to 3 with impact

00:03:20,000 --> 00:03:25,000
awareness will help you elevate your skill of being able to compare a static position before

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the swing so the actual movement during the swing.

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