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9 To 3 Four Square - Driver Impact Path Training

Use tees to create a grid, which will serve as a training aid for seeing the path of the club through impact. Staying in the odd boxes will help you have an inside out and shallow path, and staying in the even numbers will heal you have an outside in and steep path. Use this drill to fine-tune your body's movements and how it affects your path.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Draw vs Fade, Driver, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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The drill is 9 to 3, 4 square for the driver.

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So I've got my 4 square grid set up hopefully we can see it all indicated on the camera

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if I can't.

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But basically you've got two T's going in your target line and then you've got two T's

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perpendicular and just remember that with the driver my goal is going to be swinging even

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more into out or going from the box closest to me box one to box three.

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Where I'm going to tend to hit more fades and I'm going to tend to have a steeper angle

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of attack if the club is going from box two to four.

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So you can do 9 to 3 drills working on the release working on that extension position

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and working on those follow through checkpoints even with the driver it's just a little

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bit more of a hassle because you have to tee it up each time.

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Just remember if I'm pacing remember that the biggest difference is even with these short

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little shots if I'm demonstrating driver I want to make sure that that upper body is

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behind the lower body and I'm in that good kind of side tilt as I'm racing.

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So it ends up looking kind of something like that if I'm doing the 9 to 3 version get

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good extension good path and go from more inside to more outside one of the keys for the driver.

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