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9 To 3 - Four Square Version

The nine to three drill is simply practicing hitting shots from waist height in the backswing to waist height in the follow through. In this version, you are going to set up a grid to give you visual feedback of the path of the club.

You can rehearse practice swings that brush the grass just slightly from square 1 to square 3 and then quickly step up and hit a ball recreating the same motion. If you do it correctly, the ball will feel like it jumps off the face and the swing will feel very easy.

Tags: Not Straight Enough, Cast, Draw vs Fade, Impact, Release, Drill, Beginner

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This drill is the 9-3 drill using the 4-square feedback.

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So while you're working on your 9-3 in your impact position, you can also start thinking

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about path.

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Now, you're not going to get into the movements of what create path until you do transition

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and release, but you can at least start trying to play around and understand the feedback

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that path gives you.

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So in this 4-square model, basically, if you were to draw a line from the white T to

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the white T and brown T to brown T, we'd have 4 grid or a grid with 4 squares.

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So we've got square 1, square 2, square 3, square 4.

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As long as the club is going from square 1 to 3, or staying in odds, I'm going to have a little

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bit of an end-out path.

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If it's going from 2 to 4, that's an outside-to-in path.

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So you can work on these 9-3 drills, trying to exaggerate some of the path changes or path

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ideas of trying to go from square 1 to 3 and getting a visual of, well, if I get here

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and I come over, oh no, I'm going from square 2 to 4.

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So I'll do it hitting kind of out in the weeds.

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So in this direction, I'd be trying to get my impact alignment like so, and you can see

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that that club would be coming inside that T to outside that T instead of like so if I

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got that right arm high, or instead of like so if I got that right arm high.

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So 9-3, you're basically going waist height to waist height just like so, working on those

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impact alignments, and this is a great way to give you some visual feedback of the path

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while you do it.

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