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Start The Swing At Waist Height

Many golfers can do a good job of making solid contact when working the "9-to-3" or other drills that train release mechanics from "belly button to belly button". However, this will often change as soon as a player makes a longer swing or begins to add speed/power. Often times, this is because force is being applied to the club too early and predominantly through the arms. This poor timing can create a steep club path, an open face, and inefficient sequencing. To combat this, I will often cue players to "feel" as if they wait in transition and allow for the force and speed to be applied starting around waist height. When done properly, this should encourage better sequencing and allow for golfers to take advantage of the time spent refining their release mechanics.

Playlists: Keys To Transition, Train Your Release

Tags: Poor Contact, Not Straight Enough, Transition, Release, Concept

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